Minnesota Nice: the Historic State Theatre

No, not the one in Minneapolis.  The one in Hutchinson!

Built in 1937, this Art Deco gem reopened in 2005 as a second-run movie theater.  It has a charming Mom and Pop feel to it, and reminds me of The Times, one of my favorite movie theaters in Milwaukee.  It’s the kind of place where:

1. If people are still in line for tickets or concessions, they start the movie a minute or two late.

2. If you ask for a cup so your preschooler can have something to put her M&M’s in, they are happy to give you one.

3. If you bring a two-and-a-half year old to the movies, they ask how old she is and let her in for free because the kids’ tickets are for ages three to twelve.

4. If your preschooler is asking for animal crackers on the ride to the theater, they are miraculously available at the concession stand, and they cost eighty cents.

5. If your preschooler decides M&M’s and popcorn are what she would prefer, you can get plenty of both for five dollars.

Is it the fanciest theater in town?  No.  Is it the perfect place to take a small child?  Absolutely.  It’s not too loud, or too crowded, or too overwhelming.

It is, in fact, just the place to be at 5 PM on Super Bowl Sunday, watching The Muppets with your family and the eight other people who thought that would be more entertaining than watching the Giants and the Patriots.

Zoe far exceeded my expectations and my anticipation.  She watched most of the movie, refrained from crawling around on the floor, and only kicked the (empty) seat in front of us a few times.  When we got in the car, she immediately started singing “Mahna Mahna”.

We sang it together all the way home.



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6 responses to “Minnesota Nice: the Historic State Theatre

  1. Liz L.

    Mahna Mahna is my favorite as well. I’m so glad they included it. So happy to hear it went so well!


    • It was amazing! I think 5 PM might be the perfect movie time for Zoe right now. We ate a little supper before we got there, and on the way home she said, “I need to go to bed.” That’s my girl.


  2. Claire

    sounds so lovely!! and the theater made for a great backdrop for the photo as well! that baby is so cute.


    • Well, I was trying to capture both that baby and the marquee. I think it will be obvious, even if we forget, that the movie we were going to see was The Muppets, not Twilight or Mission Impossible 4.


  3. so, how was the actual movie part? I’m the Muppet fan in our house…


    • Oh, the movie is fantastic! Mike and I saw it in December and I was pretty much grinning the whole time. I didn’t want to take Zoe to see it without seeing it myself, because I didn’t want to miss any of the movie if she needed to take a break or leave early. Since she did so well, I got to enjoy the movie again!


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