The First Blizzard of Spring

Big news, friends.  Spring is here!

I know this is not technically true.  There’s snow on the ground.  It’s fifteen degrees outside.  It’s February.

But the first, most wonderful harbinger of spring has arrived.  It is not a robin, or a bud on a tree, or even the first garage sale of the year.

It is the reopening of the Litchfield Dairy Queen.

As I have mentioned, I love the Litchfield Dairy Queen.  It is, I believe, the finest Dairy Queen in the land.  One of the best things about moving across town last summer was: we are now within walking distance of Dairy Queen.

Every November, they close for the season.  And every February, they open again.  I think this is because the owners go away for the winter, and also because it is not a Dairy Queen with indoor seating.  (The idea that people don’t want cool treats in subzero weather is just silly.  It’s never too blustery for a Blizzard.)

Obviously, February is still not walk-to-Dairy-Queen-and eat-a-melty-Blizzard-at-the-picnic-table weather.  But it is drive-to-Dairy-Queen-and-shiver-while-you-order-Blizzards-to-take-home-after-church-council weather.

That, as you can probably guess, is just what I did Wednesday night.  It was chilly, and shivery, and glorious.

Welcome, Dairy Queen.  Welcome, spring.



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16 responses to “The First Blizzard of Spring

  1. I love the title of this one! Too clever by half…

    I always wondered what ice cream vendors up north did during the winter. It never quite gets too cold in Atlanta for ice cream (thank goodness)!


    • Thank you! I just couldn’t resist.

      Personally, I don’t think it’s ever too cold for ice cream, but I get why a Dairy Queen like ours would close for at least the very coldest months. It was pretty chilly for the few minutes it took to get our cool treats last night!


  2. What fun. We have Rita’s Water Ice nearby and they close at the beginning of October and reopen in March. On the first day of spring they give away regular ices to everyone.

    I do wish we had a DQ nearby. I’ve been wanting a Peanut Buster Parfait.

    Glad you enjoyed your Blizzards.


    • Rita’s Water Ice! What a lovely name! And what a lovely first day of spring tradition!

      It is really wonderful and terrible having DQ so close. Very hard to resist . . .


  3. I had to convert your temperature to Celcius….. wow, it gets THAT cold! Even in the middle of winter it rarely gets below 65 F in Melbourne. I love the idea of closing for winter, maybe I could have another business for three months, but what would I do?


    • Oh, Michelle, it gets so much colder than that! We have been having a stunningly mild winter by Midwestern standards.

      There is a couple at one of my churches who married later in life, so to be near both of their families they spend half the year in Minnesota and the other half in California. That would be a pretty nice arrangement, too!


  4. Katie Streit

    I wish I could have a peanut buster bar right now!


  5. Emily

    I have to argue that we have the best DQ in the land. Not only is it open year round, but when it is nice out there is a bike path that leads DIRECTLY to it!!! Really though, any DQ is fabulous.


  6. Heath bar blizzard ….


  7. It is a fortunate thing we do not live very close to a DQ. The times we do go and stop for lunch, everyone get burgers, except me. I LOVE BLIZZARDS!!!! and snitch some fries from the rest of them. I justify it because of the calcium and it has no more calories than their burgers, fries and colas. I want one. NOW!!!!


  8. I heart DQ. Sometimes I get a mini after a long day of mops and errand running! I can’t wait for the one in Willmar to reopen.


    • Well, if you’d rather, we can just send the men out for DQ after supper on Friday, and have mini blizzards . . .

      Now that I know our (already superior) DQ opens before the Willmar one, I love it even more.


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