We are here!

General view of part of the South Water street Illinois Central Railroad freight terminal, Chicago, Ill. (LOC)

Okay, not exactly the “here” of the photo.  We are plane travelers, not time travelers.  Zoe and I arrived in Chicago yesterday for a short visit to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  So far, it is glorious: Zoe did great in the airport and on the plane; she took a long, late nap that allowed me to visit with my oldest friend and her beautiful baby boy; and we enjoyed a delicious meal with Grandma, Papa, and our friends. 

The next few days hold special Chicago delights, Lux family style.  We’ll do a little shopping and lunch at Nordstrom, try out one of the sweet indoor playspaces near my parents’ condo, and enjoy several festive birthday dinners. 

A little Big City Bustle, a lot of time for naps. 

That’s how we roll. 

What special delights are you looking forward to in the days ahead?



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2 responses to “Chicago!

  1. Sounds like Zoe traveled like a pro. I have never flown with my kids so am always interested to read how it goes for others. Enjoy Chicago.


    • She was amazing! An hour and a half is the perfect length for an airplane ride (plus an hour and a half to the airport, an hour or so before the flight, and the forty minutes from the airport to Grandma’s house, of course). She has always been pretty good at it, but it’s nice now that she’s old enough to entertain herself a little bit. We had a great trip!


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