Let’s Mousercise!

It’s time to tell the Internet.

Two views of local Extension leaders drilling in physical exercise in middies and bloomers, ...

As part of my year-long Journey of Renewal, and also as a Lenten discipline, and also because I just need to get my body moving, I am going to start exercising.

I bought special shoes and special clothes.

I joined the local Snap Fitness.

And now, I’ve told not only my “traveling companions” and coach on the Journey of Renewal, but also you, my Internet accountability partners.

I don’t expect to write too much about the experience on this blog.  (If you want to read about a pastor exercising, check out my funny friend Tim’s blog here.)  I just figured, if I put it on the Internet, maybe I will get myself to the gym more than twice.

Exercising on the Beach

So far, besides buying the shoes and clothes and the gym membership, I have chased a bunch of blown away mail outside the post office.

Mike and I were on our way to pick up Zoe after our first unsuccessful attempt to join (“staffed hours” are not always staffed, apparently) when we saw a man loading a bin of mail into the back of a truck.  Suddenly–whoosh!–the mail was blowing down the wet, muddy street, the guy was frantically chasing it, and I was pulling over.

“Should we help him?” I asked.  Really, how could we drive by?

Along with another friendly driver, Mike and I ran to and fro scooping up envelopes.  It was a satisfying way to help someone out (lots of someones, really–think of all the senders and receivers of mail!).

And it was also surprisingly strenuous.  Clearly, time to join a gym.

And, you know, go there and exercise.

I’m no expert, but I imagine it will be a lot like this:



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11 responses to “Let’s Mousercise!

  1. Liz L.

    You can do it Maggie! Accountability helps; plus once you start, it will get easier (supposedly). My suggestion: schedule gym time like you were getting together with a friend. You wouldn’t want to stand your friend up after you made plans, right? Right?
    Good luck!!


  2. Claire

    yay! i think it will be just like the video 🙂 I’m excited to hear how it all goes! now you’ve motivated me not to cancel bar method…haha


    • Oh, it was. The main similarity was the outfits. (I looked like Goofy, of course.) It was pretty painful, but invigorating. I’m already sore from my small workout, but hoping to go back for more tomorrow. Assuming I can walk. Thanks, Coo!


  3. You can do it. My sister and I used to have that Mousercise video back in the day! Wish I could still find it:)


    • My best friend and I used to listen to the record (and jazzercise along) in her living room. It would be fun to have a video (or the record or a CD) now to share with our kids!


  4. Sarah Fox Sparber

    As a former avid Mouserciser, I cannot believe that I have never seen this video! You do remember dancing to the record in my living room, I hope. My “it’s time to start moving” moment was when I got winded dancing with Jakey at baby music class, but the kid does weigh 25 pounds….


    • I had never seen the video, either! I sure loved that record, though. After our first Tumbling Tots class this winter, I was sore. That is BAD. I thought lugging my 30 pound kid around would keep me in slightly better shape than it seems to have done . . .


  5. Sarah Fox Sparber

    ahh…..just the read the other posts……go Maggie go!


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