Minnesota Nice: Litchfield Video

A possum and a movie camera 1943

I have always loved video rental stores.

Okay, maybe not always.  But ever since my sister, my best friend, and I were old enough to walk from our house to Linden Video, where we rented the same three videos over and over while pretending that all three of us were sisters (“What does our Mom want us to get?  Do you think our Mom will like this one?”), I have been a Video Store Fan.

There’s just something satisfying about the physical act of browsing, of walking through the store and seeing which covers catch your eye.  There’s something decadent about a place whose sole function is to provide movies that you’ll watch in the comfort of your home, and also the candy to eat while you do it.

Despite my professed video store love, however, I had probably not set foot in one for at least five years.  (Even before we had Netflix, we had the public library, which is like a magical free video store that will also order other movies for you, and all you have to do is wait a while for them to come and then return them on time.  But anyway.)

What changed?  Litchfield Video!  The local video store recently moved to within two blocks of our house.  They also put a sign out front advertising their weeknight special: every movie is 99 cents after 5 PM.

Well.  I love a deal.  I love convenience.  And, I love an outing.  So on Valentine’s Day, Mike, Zoe, and I hit the video store on our way home from preschool.  It’s a very small place with a very impressive number of DVDs, plus a great selection of VHS tapes for sale.  We chose a movie (okay, chose a movie–Moneyball at last!), gave the nice people a dollar, and were on our way.

Thank you, Litchfield Video, for bringing me back to the rental experience of my youth.

Maid to Order

This was definitely one of the three movies we rented over and over.



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10 responses to “Minnesota Nice: Litchfield Video

  1. Katie Streit

    That’s funny! My regular rental was Troop Beverly Hills 🙂


  2. Claire

    I totally forgot that we used to pretend like that! From now on, I will only refer to Mom and “our mom”. thanks for the blast from the past! i loved that linden video!


  3. Sarah Fox Sparber

    We were pretty sneacky and devious! What were the other three movies?


    • I was hoping you would remember some! I just feel like we did not branch out much. I know we watched a lot of Beaches, but you owned that one, of course. Probably Troop Beverly Hills? And when we were younger, Fairy Tale Theater, especially the 12 Dancing Princesses.


  4. I know what you mean. When I was going to college in Idaho, there was this local movie rental place where you could get older videos for 25¢ on weekdays. We’ve got Netflix, too, and even though I have an incredible selection right in my living room, there is still something I miss about going into that shop and browsing through the faded titles of movies (many of which I had never even heard of) looking for a gem, and often finding and unexpected wonder. I hope that we never lose those places to the Blockbusters and Family Videos and Netflix!


    • It is an experience worth preserving, for sure! And I think another nice thing, besides the physical browsing, is actually the limited selection. Netflix Instant has so many choices, I get overwhelmed. Modern life is so hard.


  5. Sarah Fox Sparber

    Fairy Tale Theater!!! LOVED Fairy Tale Theater!!!!


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