Never Had I Ever: Gotten So Many Compliments on My Ugly Hat

We’ve been together for ten years,  Ugly Hat and I.

It’s not ugly, exactly.  It’s just . . . different.

A well-meaning church lady made Ugly Hat and donated it to the pile of hats and gloves and mittens our church was giving to the neighborhood kids who were part of our tutoring and mentoring program in the winter of 2002.

I saw it and thought, “None of these kids will want to be seen in that Ugly Hat.  I’d better take it myself.”  (In retrospect, this sounds bad.  There were more than enough hats to go around, so please don’t imagine that a child went hatless because of me.)

I love Ugly Hat, and have worn it with pride every since.  Ugly Hat has received its share of compliments, mostly from nineteen-year-olds who shop at Urban Outfitters and appreciate it ironically.

But coming to Litchfield was like coming home for Ugly Hat.  This winter, Ugly Hat has really come into its own, drawing praise wherever we go.  For example:

“Oh, what a pretty hat!  Did you make that?”

(Clearly, a comment from someone who does not know me.)


“What a great hat!  Did someone make that for you?”

(Now you’re getting warmer.)


“I love your hat!  Is it a short rib pattern?”

(Whoops!  Colder!  Also, “short rib pattern” is probably not the exact quote.)


In a land of crocheted dish cloths (the best way to wash dishes),  embroidered flour sack dish towels (the best way to dry them), and home canning (the best way to enjoy cucumbers), Ugly Hat fits right in.

Welcome home, Ugly Hat.  Welcome home.



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6 responses to “Never Had I Ever: Gotten So Many Compliments on My Ugly Hat

  1. Wow! That is…ah…quite the hat there!


  2. I love Ugly Hat. I have one similar that I got out of a Hospice shoppe box that they were just going to give away because “no one would want to buy it.” It keeps me warm for all kinds of un things, like shovelling snow and catching buses. Glad I’m not the only one with an “Ugly Hat.”


  3. Ugly Hat looks like the final resting place of many yarn ends – all the bits and scraps of leftover knitting projects mushed together into a single article. The original knitter probably has stories about the green fair isle sweater for Bobby and the brown mittens for Cousin Franny.


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