Ants in the Pants

Barker at the grounds at the Vermont state fair, Rutland (LOC)

Whether your faith is that there is a God or that there is not a God, if you don’t have any doubts, you are either kidding yourself or asleep.  Doubts are the ants in the pants of faith.  They keep it awake and moving.

Faith is better understood as a verb than as a noun, as a process than a possession.  It is on-again-off-again rather than once-and-for-all.  Faith is not being sure where you’re going, but going anyway.  A journey without maps.

–Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking: A Seeker’s ABC (from the entries on “Doubt” and “Faith”)

Young girl jumping on a trampoline at the Sarasota High School Sailor Circus



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4 responses to “Ants in the Pants

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    What a wonderful way to think about Faith. Thanks Maggie!


  2. Steve

    I respect doubts, myself. Many intelligent people disagree on the matter, and some element of doubt is perhaps necessary to respect their views. That said, I feel less doubt all the time… but I regret its passing.


  3. Love, love, love Buechner… and this quote is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!


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