If You Want to Know Who You Are, Ask a Child

The way your child describes your job can be humbling or hilarious (or so I’ve been told).  So far, my child refuses to acknowledge any vocation other than the most important one.

Here’s how it went down a few days ago:

Zoe: Daddy is going to work.  He will . . . he will be an office!

Maggie: Yes, he’s going to the office.  And one day he will be a professor!

Zoe (amused): Nooo!

Maggie: Yes, he will be a teacher for really big kids.

Zoe (even more amused): Nooo!  He will be Daddy.

Maggie: What about me?  Am I a pastor?

Zoe (laughing delightedly): Nooo!  You’re Mama!

She’s right, of course.  I am Mama.  And I like that better than “You work one hour a week!” or “You always have a little bottle of wine in your car!”  (Pro Tip: Only one of those things is true.)

How would a child describe what you do or who you are?



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9 responses to “If You Want to Know Who You Are, Ask a Child

  1. Tory

    I get “Is this your real job?” a lot. I’ve also been called Miss Frizzle many times, and was once asked if I’m married to Bill Nye the Science Guy. (I consider these things a success.)


    • Those are pretty huge compliments, I think! I believe Miss Frizzle would be an excellent Halloween costume for you. I have an extra Little People school bus you could use . . .


  2. Emily

    Drew seems to think I “teach kids” instead of am a pastor. Why, mom, do you have a teach kids? My answer…they have a lot to learn!!! HAHA.


  3. They have to be cute and funny most of the time so we will remember that when they do something really awful, well when they do something really awful to clean or clean up. 😀


    • It’s true! There are times where one of us will say to her, “Please stop torturing your mother / your father.” It’s a good thing she is mostly adorable and hilarious!


  4. My brother-in-law is a pastor. His 4 year old wants to be a pastor, too. It is the only vocation he ever mentions (the 4 year old). I’ll have to ask my daughter to describe what I do for a living. My guess is that she’ll say something about sitting at a computer all day.


    • Well, Zoe does play “communion” more than she plays “tea party”. “Here’s your bread–don’t eat it yet! Here’s the wine. Dip it!” I would like to hear what Laura thinks you do, too!


      • I asked this morning. She told me that I sit at home and work on my computer. Pretty accurate description of my job as a business analyst. 🙂


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