Dancing with Jesus

Scuba diver looking at the "Christ of the Abyss" bronze sculpture at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park: Key Largo, Florida
Last week, I made my first-ever trip to Dubuque, Iowa! I know, I know. What took me so long?

Since I was there for a ministry conference with a packed schedule, I can’t report on anything about Dubuque besides their Best Western (Pro Tip: it’s pretty nice).

My favorite part of the conference–besides spending time with my friend Jan, of course–was the first keynote speaker, Dwight Dubois.  His presentation was called “Courage in the Country: Dying to Ourselves for the Sake of the World”, and it focused on equipping people for ministry not only inside the church building but also out in their lives in the world.

This really resonated with me. This summer, just four of the ten youth eligible to participate in our mission trip will actually be doing so. The others will be at dance camp, or working, or taking a summer class, or hanging out with their friends. The four kids who go will have a wonderful time (I promise, kids–you’re going to love it!), but I wish that more of them were able to join us.

But after listening to Dwight Dubois, I wonder: how can we equip those other six kids for ministry at dance camp, at work, in summer school, and in their relationships with friends? How can we lift up the way God is at work in their lives every day, not just on days they’re at church or doing churchy things?

Seriously. What has worked where you are? Or, what brilliant ideas spring to your wonderful mind?



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5 responses to “Dancing with Jesus

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    My favorite Italian restaurant is in Dubuque. It is Mario’s on Main Street. If you go again, try it. Angelina’s maranaira sauce is to die for. She makes it with fresh tomatoes every Monday and it gets better and better as the week goes on.


    • Yum! I was sorry we didn’t get to explore the town or see the seminary, but it was a short trip and we were content to hang out in our hotel room or eat waffle fries at Champps when we weren’t soaking up knowledge. Another time, for sure!


  2. ahhh Mario’s. Now I need a trip to Dubuque. This is a good question though Maggie! I have no answers or ideas, but I will ponder for a while.


  3. Cool, Maggie, you heard me! That is, you really heard what I was saying. A lot of people don’t; institutional survival is so pervasive that they hear “ministry of the laity” and they think “what can they do for the church?”

    Keep up the good work. Keep asking questions like those above!


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