Signs of Spring

Spring Pageant

It’s coming, people.  Here are a few of the signs in these parts:

Confirmation class outside.  It was only for half an hour, and we were pretty chilly after five minutes, but still.  We were outside.  It was 6:30 PM, and it was light outside.  Also, instead of a play doh break we had races around the church.

Walking to Dairy Queen and eating outside.  Of course, some of the sidewalks were very nearly impassable, and the picnic tables must still be in winter storage.  But I’m sure I burned all the calories of my mini Blizzard on the arduous walk (and pushing the stroller worked my arm muscles, too).  Also, the Blizzard of the month  is mint oreo.  Highly recommended.

Mud. In the yard, on the car, on the country roads, on everybody’s feet.  But I don’t mind the mud because it gives me an excuse to wear . . .

Rain boots, not snow boots. I have a hot pink pair that, while not particularly pastoral, are just the thing on a gray March Monday.  Zoe has a puppy pair that, while slightly the worse for (someone else’s) wear, cost seventy-five cents and make her very happy.  Also, she can put them on herself!

What are the signs of spring that make you happiest?



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13 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. My orange tree is blooming its little heart out and every time I walk in my front yard I smell the orange blossoms and oh, the smell is heavenly and all the more worderful because it is so fleeting!


  2. Liz L.

    No Socks!


  3. My husband found a toad in the garage today. He called it a frog and gross. I called it a spring sign.


  4. Buds popping open on the trees!!! And the night song of the tree frogs.


  5. The smell of thawing dog poop, which I am not able to enjoy here in DC because it never froze this winter…


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