Jiggity Jog

Zoe in Chicago. (Photo by Aunt Claire.)

As you may or may not have noticed, I did not manage to post even once since I promised that I would try to “give you a little something” during my Chicago family and friends and continuing education extravaganza.  What can I say?  I’m just very Busy and Important.  (Pro Tip: Also Lazy.)

My faithful desktop computer has given up the ghost, so I am using wonderful Mike’s laptop while he combines a laptop with a burnt out screen, my desktop monitor, my keyboard and mouse, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so that I can have something to write with and we can both use the printer again.  Did I mention he is doing this after driving most of the excruciating nine and a half hours home from Chicago?  I am seriously considering marrying this guy.

(Pro Tip: It should not take quite that long to get from Chicago to Litchfield, and there should not be so much screaming from the backseat.  Or so many Wiggles songs on the stereo.  Or so many potholes in the Hudson TA parking lot.  But I digress.)

We had a lovely time in Chicago, both the city itself and my parents’ condo.  The latter is Zoe’s definition of “Chicago”.  For example, when she was at the zoo and wanted to go back to the condo, she said, “Let’s go home!  Let’s go to Chicago!”  When we encountered a couple entering the building as we were leaving, she yelled, “Don’t go to Chicago!  Don’t go to Chicago!”  They were baffled, but we assured Zoe that those people would not go to Chicago.

Where Grandma and Papa live.  Where the heart is.  Home away from home.

P.S. I was going to call this one “They’re Baaaack!” and include a video of the trailer for Poltergeist 2, but it was so creepy I couldn’t get through one viewing.  So I went with a nursery rhyme allusion (“To market, to market, to buy a fat hog, home again, home again, jiggity jog”),  but it turns out the YouTube videos for that are almost as disturbing.  So, I will let you find your own viewing for the day, creepy or otherwise.



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16 responses to “Jiggity Jog

  1. Claire

    we miss you!


  2. I had to laugh when I read about your computer situation. You’re husband sounds just like mine! We have whole flocks of semi-functional computers and their innards taking up space at our house. I usually complain about them, but the few times they come in handy, I am reminded that that if I can keep 5 tubs of craft stuff, a few wandering laptops aren’t so bad. Hope that pb&j doesn’t jam the printer!


    • I know it! I totally complain about his hoarding tendencies, but then they come in handy. Also, when we moved from Milwaukee to Chicago a few years ago he sold a bunch of old Apple computers on eBay and made almost two thousand dollars. I was astounded that he made so much and also that we had so many old computers in our small duplex.


  3. Oh boy! First of all, I’m glad you are back! I had forgotten that you planned to take a mini-break while you were visiting family, so I was a little worried!

    Secondly, do you remember when our main computer died? My greatest sympathies to you and yours during your time of desktop troubles.

    Thirdly, what’s the deal with creeping out children’s rhymes? I went looking for a benign jump-rope rhyme this morning on YouTube, and all I came up with was weirdness.

    This comment is my own wordy and weird way of saying, “Yay! This post made me happy! And yay! I’m glad you took a break to spend time with family, but boy howdy, am I glad you’re back!”


    • Thank you! And I DO remember when your computer died. It was very sad. I’m getting by with my laptop / desktop mash-up, but I still miss my old friend. We’d been together a long time.

      I don’t know why the YouTube versions of nursery rhymes are so overwhelmingly creepy (either that or excruciating–Zoe likes both, unfortunately). Lately we are watching an Italian cartoon about La Pimpa, who seems to be a very long-eared dog, but looks like a giant spotted rabbit to me. It’s in Italian, and I’m not really paying attention, so I can’t be sure.


  4. Liz L.

    Zoe is, as always, hilarious.


  5. Welcome back, Maggie! Laura thought the Homewood Suites, where we lived for our first month post move,was Glastonbury, CT. When we drive past it, she still refers to it that way. There is probably some child development theory to explain Zoe and Laura’s experience. My personal theory is that the label given a new location is applied to the specific experience and not the generality. Or as you more succinctly say, “where the heart is.”


    • Funny! It is an interesting phenomenon, and I think it makes sense. I mean, we were walking down the street and I said, “This whole place is Chicago! It’s a city!”, but I don’t think that is a concrete enough concept for a preschooler. Or something. I am no child development expert, clearly . . .


  6. Fun!! I love your stories. Our grandson came to work with his mommy and daddy from the time he was 6 weeks old. There were limits to where he could roam and he was not allowed in the showroom until 5 o’clock when we locked the front door. He then would ask us when he could go to “fiveacock” , he was about 2 at the time, but always called the showroom “fiveacock.” Kids…:D


  7. My kids always thought that Michigan was the home of my best friend and her family who live outside of Clarkston, Michigan. Biggest surprise in the world when they got to school and found out it was a state.


  8. I love that “Chicago” is the condo. It’s at once both so childish and silly, and also so deep and true. Home is not so much a place as it is a situation, a group of people. Sometimes kids get that when we don’t…


    • It’s true. Zoe loves it when “we are all together”: Mama, Daddy, and Zoe. Add grandparents and aunts and uncles into the mix and she is over the moon.


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