Swing Time

Recently I listed my favorite signs of spring.  I forgot about my very most favorite one:

The return of the swings.

In Litchfield, playground swings migrate south for the winter.   Their March return is highly anticipated and celebrated with a trip to the park less than a block from our house.  A park that, without swings, is not much of a park at all.  With swings, however . . . well, it is still not the greatest park in town, but it is right by our house.  And it has swings.

Zoe and I had a great time there last night.  First, we did the merry go round.  Then the swings.  Then, when an older girl came and did the merry go round, Zoe hopped on with her.  (Thanks, older girl.)  Then, a race to the little bridge at the edge of the park, which was not as exciting as I expected due to the lack of boats and / or characters from Dora the Explorer.  Then back to the park for more spinning and swinging, again enjoying the kindness of two older kids.

Welcome back, swings.  We missed you  very much.

Photo by a passerby / daughter of a parishioner. Small town life at its finest.



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2 responses to “Swing Time

  1. Great picture of you with Zoe, Maggie 🙂 Have you noticed that much fewer pictures are taken of mom with kids vs. just the kids? Hard to be the subject of a photo while subjecting others…


    • Thanks! I think it is mostly a great picture of Zoe! Yes, I have definitely noticed that! This is why I jumped at the chance the nice lady in the park gave me–she actually took three or four shots, which was so kind. I also force Mike and sometimes my mother to take pictures of me and Zoe. I want to remember what I looked like through the years, too!


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