Jesus and Pizza: a Preschool Theology

Untitled Zoe has been rocking the children’s sermon for a while now.  On Wednesday night, when I held up a crucifix (a cross with Jesus on it, something rarely seen in our particular Lutheran congregation) and asked who it was, she shouted, “Jesus of the world!”  (Pro Tip: Don’t be intimidated.  Her other big answer of the night was, “Pizza!”  My girl is a theologian, but she’s a crowd-pleaser, too.)

On the way home, I asked Zoe for more information.  Our conversation went something like this:

Maggie: Is Jesus the savior of the world?

Zoe: Noooo!

Maggie: No?  Then, who is he?

Zoe: He’s baby Jesus.

Maggie: Well, what does he do?

Zoe: He grows up!

Maggie: And then what does he do?

Zoe: He’s lifted up!

Maggie: Yeah!  What is lifted up on?

Zoe: On the cross!

Maggie: That’s right!

Maggie: (Muddled attempt to explain the death and resurrection of Jesus, and what it means for us now.  Come on out Easter Sunday for more details!)

Pizza Place in the Town of Leakey, Texas, near San Antonio 05/1973



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5 responses to “Jesus and Pizza: a Preschool Theology

  1. Katie Streit

    I would love to see and hear the children’s sermons! (You should video tape one.)


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  3. As long as she didn’t say that Jesus is pizza, then I think she’s got a good handle on how to work the crowd. 😉 What a little charmer. 😀


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