Personal Jesus

Yesterday’s post about Jesus and pizza made me think of my favorite Depeche Mode song, which my friend Laura has heard done karaoke style as “Personal Pizza”.  (The singers were Lutheran kids, but I think they may have stumbled onto the Unitarian version of the song.)

Here is the excellent original:

And here is my very favorite cover, by the amazing Johnny Cash, of course:

What Jesus songs (or pizza songs) get you moving?



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3 responses to “Personal Jesus

  1. Anything Johnny Cash did is gold in my book. His version of “Hurt” is, by far, one of the most moving and melodious pieces of music ever written. (That was a really alliterative sentence!)


    • That is gorgeous, Jamie! Thanks for recommending it. I love almost everything Johnny Cash did. The one that springs immediately to mind in the “not beloved” category is his cover of “I’ve Got a Woman”. It is . . . it is just not good.


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