Sandwiches and Shoes (Or, How to Get Through Holy Week in One Piece)

It’s the week before Holy Week.  Which means it’s the week before I preach four sermons, lead five worship services, and attend two more.  This year, I have brilliantly scheduled or rescheduled events for the first three nights of that crazy week, too.

So, I am daunted.  I am tired in advance.  I love Holy Week–I love preaching and leading worship and doing ministry with my people–but it is also the most draining week of the year.

Here is how I’m keeping up my strength in this season of holy exhaustion:

Sandwiches for Supper.  Last Sunday, Zoe and I took massive naps.  We slept until 5 PM, which was glorious, except that I needed to be out the door to confirmation class no later than 5:30 PM.  So instead of the black bean tacos I was going to make, we had cheese sandwiches, pickles, and chips.  And we loved it!


Exercise!  Remember when Mike and I joined Snap Fitness?  I am actually going there!  And exercising!  I’m not very strong, or very fast, and I don’t work out as long as some of the ladies twice my age, but at least I’m moving my body.  And as everyone who does this already knows, it feels good and is a great way to start the day.  No, there is not a guest blogger today.  Why do you ask?

Shoe Shopping.  I will be in the big(ger) cities of Hutch and Willmar later this week, which will give me the opportunity to find a new pair of Easter shoes.  I’m thinking bright blue or pink or yellow or green.  But if you think this means I’m getting rid of my most favorite, most adorable pink heels just because I had a baby and my feet grew half a size, please think again.  Yes, I know the baby is almost three years old.  Yes, that means I have been wearing those shoes for years and wondering why they’re not as comfortable as they used to be.  I know.  I know.

McCall Style & Beauty Cover

The Hunger Games.  This movie is playing right here in Litchfield this week, and pending babysitter availability Mike and I are going to see it.  I consider it sermon preparation for Good Friday (there is already a book called The Hunger Games and the Gospel: Bread, Circuses, and the Kingdom of God, so clearly I am not reaching too far, or at least not further than someone else already has done).  Plus, I really want to see this movie.

What do you do to practice what we in the ministry call “self-care” (and what everyone else calls “being a healthy person”)?



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15 responses to “Sandwiches and Shoes (Or, How to Get Through Holy Week in One Piece)

  1. The annual Holy Week pedicure! Well this year I had mine a little early before baby Sophie arrived, but it’s a great tradition to relax and have a little pampering… it also makes a person more confident when having their feet washed at Lake Park Lutheran! Plus, said event with usually 3 other ladies is also accompanied by a nice dinner out. This year, I will attend the dinner with little Sophie!


    • What a great tradition! I would love to find time (and money) for a Holy Week pedicure, too. If we did footwashing, maybe I could write it off as a business expense . . .


  2. Jen

    I got a groupon for 60% off a hair cut, deep conditioning, and eye brow waxing which I will be using Friday, as my pre-Holy Week self care.


  3. Sarah Fox Sparber

    Please post a picture of the Easter Shoes!


    • The new ones or the old ones? I am hoping to find the new ones today or tomorrow. I have had great luck at the Willmar Target in the past, so here’s hoping it’s great again on Friday . . .


  4. Claire

    glad you are liking the gym–i need to move my own body far more myself. it feels great living in chicago again since people don’t drive their car to go three blocks. and i agree with sarah, i want to see the shoes too!


    • That is nice! Zoe loves stroller walks, which we will be doing a lot more as the weather warms up. It’s nice to live so close to day care and the library (our two main destinations)!


  5. Susan

    Wish I could come babysit Zoe for you! Instead I’ll be working on a paper….


    • Oh my gosh, I wish you could, too! Our regular sitter (Grandma) is busy tomorrow night and our other sitter is, you know, in high school, and can’t stay out that late on a school night.


      • Okay, not that it matters to the internet, but Grandma is changing her plans so she can “see the baby” and we can see the movie. Thanks, Grandma.


  6. Kristin

    Maggie, I am so proud of you and Mike and your gym-ing! You definitely deserve a new pair of shoes (not that Easter itself isn’t reason enough)!!


    • Thanks, KR! It does feel good! And our gym just got a new trainer, who specializes in weight loss and people who are new to exercise! So, once we have a little more money, I think I may give that a try . . .


  7. Kristin

    p.s. I am currently enjoying my self-care (er, mental health-care) item: Whopper-brand Robin Eggs!


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