Dreams of Beer and Coffee

I had a funny dream last night, and I think it was inspired by this conversation:

The scene: Maggie and Zoe are sitting in the nursing home chapel, enjoying cookies, coffee, and lemonade with George.  Six volunteers from another congregation are standing around the table, too.

Zoe: You want some beer, Mom?

Maggie: What?  No!  No, we don’t drink beer in the morning.  We drink coffee, or milk, or juice.

Zoe: Yeah.  You will have beer soon.

Volunteers: Please accept this award for Mother and Pastor of the  Year.

So, yeah.  That was a proud moment in parenting and in ministry.  (By the by, what inspired that conversation was the six-pack of New Glarus that we bought on our way through Wisconsin last week.  Mike and I each had one beer with supper, each drinking three beers over the course of a week or so.  I guess Zoe could tell we liked it!)

Last night, my dream was set in Ireland over St. Patrick’s Day.  There were lots of beer vendors, serving cups of beer in the morning.  Then the police came and gave some people tickets.  For drinking beer in the morning?  It was not clear.

Then, some of the beer vendors were serving cups of coffee.  I had one.  The police came back and gave some people tickets.  The offense: drinking coffee on a Sunday.

“Oh, my parishioners will love this!” I laughed. “I can’t wait to tell them!”

No matter how people feel about beer in the morning around here, they are pretty on board with coffee on a Sunday.

Photograph of Coffee Break at National Archives and Records Service (NARS) Conference in the Late 1970s



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17 responses to “Dreams of Beer and Coffee

  1. Helen proudly tells anyone who will listen, “I made my Mom give up wine for Lent”. It just doesn’t sound good.


  2. Kirsten

    She IS a Wisconsin girl at heart! Glad to hear you had a chance to enjoy some New Glarus.


    • Ha! Even though she never lived in Wisconsin, I hope I can instill some Wisconsin love in her heart! The New Glarus was delicious–some of the newer beers are really good.


  3. Susan Latzke

    It would be interesting to see what a dream interpratation of this means ? Either way so Funny !!!


    • I know it! As I wrote about the dream, I kept seeing other influences from things that happened or things I read or saw during the day. Dreams are funny, and so are little kids!


  4. Kate

    Love it! Haha.


  5. You would have to pry the coffee cup out of the cold, dead hands of every Baptist I know. 🙂

    Great post!


  6. Too bad that didn’t happen today. You: Oh, Zoe, that is the best April Fool ever. You know we only drink at night. 😉 But she is too young to get the April Fool joke. She knows we don’t tell lies.


    • Ha! I did talk about April Fool’s Day in my children’s sermon. The older kids were on board and the younger ones were baffled (as I thought might happen). I almost always gear it toward the youngest, so I guess it was the older kids’ turn!


  7. I could have deteriorated into a quagmire of confusion she would talk about several times a day for years. “But mommy tell me again when it ok to lie.” And at least a hundred “Why” questions.


  8. Here is the missing “t” from the first word above. “It” not “I” :/


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