Because You’re Worth It

I had a revelation last week, and it was about eyebrows.

Film star Helen Twelvetrees, ca. 1936-7 / photograph by Sam Hood

I used to get mine waxed at the fancy Aveda salon I went to in Milwaukee, or at the much fancier places my mother and sister went to in Chicago.  Since moving to Litchfield, I’ve gotten them done at the not-at-all-fancy haircut place next to the grocery store.  (Pro Tip: If you think this is too much information about my personal grooming, you are probably right.)

And there is nothing wrong with that haircut place.  It’s fast and convenient.  They do a fine job.

But last week.  Last week, I tried a little place called Barbara’s Skin Care Spa.  And guess what?  It is also fast and convenient, and it is about a hundred times more relaxing and pleasant, for about the same price.

I got to lie down and relax while having a nice chat with Barb.  She did an amazing job!  And when it turned out that I didn’t have any money to pay her, she said I could come back later or even mail her a check.  (Pro Tip: This either says something about small towns, something about pastors, or both.)

I tell you this for two reasons:

1. If you live in or near Litchfield, you should totally give Barb a call or send her a text (320/699-0313).  

2. Pampering yourself in small ways can make a big difference.

After my LVC year ended, I lived with two of my LVC housemates.  That fall, we had dinner at the house of some former Jesuit Volunteer Corps members.  We couldn’t believe how delicious the pasta sauce was.

“What is this sauce?” we asked.  “Is it homemade?”

“It’s Newman’s Own,” they replied.

At that moment, we realized that now that we made more than four hundred dollars a month, we could afford to buy pasta sauce in a jar instead of a can.  We could have this amazing pasta sauce experience whenever we wanted!

So this week, look for a chance to treat yourself.  Or your eyebrows.

What little treats have meant a lot to you?



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9 responses to “Because You’re Worth It

  1. AT

    I love everything about this post, Maggie. Eyebrows! And post-LVC Newman’s Own! I can’t stop smiling.


  2. Pamela Riebe

    Maggie. I love reading your blog. Today’s was the best tho! It made me think about what I do to treat myself, or what I do just for me. I can’t think of the last time I did something just for me. If I wouldn’t have just done my own eyebrows this morning, I so would have gotten them done out of the house this week!! Even tomorrow when I go to get my stitches removed, I don’t get time away from children, Kathryn has to come with me….So sometime this week, I WILL take time out and do something just for myself!


    • Thank you, Pamela! I get my eyebrows done because I do not have the skill, patience, or willpower to inflict that pain on myself! But it is also a nice treat!

      You definitely deserve a break! Even if it’s just watching a cheesy movie after the kids are in bed while you eat your favorite snack. I hope you get a chance to indulge a little this week!


  3. Claire

    as you likely will not be surprised to hear, my favorite little treat is guilty pleasure tv! *someone* in the house has taken up a new interest in television, however, and it is not sitting well with herself (and myself) 🙂


  4. Kate

    Was that our house? 🙂


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