Holy Week Dance Break

It says something about me that I learned about British boy band One Direction on NPR.  (Pro Tip: It says that I am a nerd, and also that I am not thirteen years old.)

On my way home from church last night, I got to hear the last five minutes of Fresh Air, which was a review of One Direction’s new album.  Apparently there is a shortage of teenage boys with silly hair singing about staying up all night talking to girls.  (There is Justin Bieber, but he is getting old.  That’s right: I heard it on NPR.)

Luckily, One Direction is here to fill the void.  They and their songs have a pretty generic, artificial feel, but they are also catchy, light pop songs that are the perfect Holy Week dance break.

So put down that sermon, or that bulletin, or whatever you’re working on right now, and bounce along with One Direction and their amazingly silly hairdos.

Does this make you nostalgic for the boy bands of yore?  No?

Well, just in case, here’s one of my favorites.  It may sound crazy, but it ain’t no lie:

What are you dancing to today?



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4 responses to “Holy Week Dance Break

  1. Sue Gaeta

    So, I am actually listening to this, taking a break from sending out appeal letters to alumni. Will you give LVC $20 for the time I just spent getting sidetracked because of your addictive blog???


  2. So, I took a break from finishing my book to listen to the song and you are right, very fun pop! I have only recently heard of this band but apparently they are VERY big in Britain. BTW, I love NPR!


    • Well, that’s what they said on NPR, so it must be true, right? I love NPR, too–one of the nice things about doing a lot of driving is that I get to listen to a lot of NPR.


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