Easter is Coming, and So Are My Sermons

I am going to write three sermons today.

Work with schools : writing a composition : girls each weari...

If I had a hat like this, I could probably write ten sermons a day.

This is ambitious.  It might not be true.

But by 10 AM I’d written one of the three, and at 11:15 the second one is half-written while the third rattles around partially formed in my head, so it just might be possible.

With God, all things are possible, right?  I’m sure I’ve read that somewhere.  (Pro Tip: It may or may not be true for sermon-writing bonanzas.)

All this sermon madness does not leave a lot of time or brain space for my usual stellar blog posts (hence yesterday’s boy band music videos, which in their own way are stellar, for sure).

So, please enjoy again someone else’s stellar work.  Depending on who your Facebook friends are, you may have already seen this video, written by David Lose and read by Karoline Lewis, both professors at Luther Seminary.  But that just means you already know it’s great, right?



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2 responses to “Easter is Coming, and So Are My Sermons

  1. That was really lovely – thanks for sharing!


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