Nothing Says, “Happy Easter!” Like a Dead Cat in Your Driveway

The basic wonderfulness of my husband has been established.

This week, my busiest of the year, he has been especially wonderful: making supper every night, hanging out with Zoe and putting her to bed while I’m at church, hopping out of bed at 1 AM to tend to her mysterious late night ailments.  He’s a peach.

But this morning, he really proved his greatness.

When I came home from dropping Zoe off at her preschool Easter party, I found a cat lying in the driveway.  And you know how sometimes, you just know that something is lying down not because it’s sunning itself, but because it’s . . . well, dead?

I parked on the street, called, “Hey, kitty!” in a sad little voice, and walked in a wide arc around the cat, hoping against hope to see its chest rise and fall with breath.

Then I walked into the house and had this conversation:

Me: “Mike?”

Mike: “Yeah?”

Me: “There’s a cat in the driveway.”

Mike: “I know.”

Me: “I think it’s dead.”

Mike: “I think so, too.”

Like a champ, Mike called the city and learned that what you do with a dead cat is . . . throw it away.  So out he went with a plastic bag and . . . let’s spare ourselves the details, shall we?

I’m sorry about the kitty, who I think was a feral cat.  I wish he had spent his last moments somewhere nicer than our driveway.

But mostly, I’m glad I have a husband who knows that any dead cats in the driveway are 100% his responsibility.



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13 responses to “Nothing Says, “Happy Easter!” Like a Dead Cat in Your Driveway

  1. At my house it is dead gophers in the pool. My Hubby knows those are his job. Sometimes, a man has to be a man!


  2. Things like that are why we get married. Men are meant to pick up dead things, fix things that are broken, carry heavy things, and to protect us from other things that wish to do us ill. Men are pretty gosh darned cool, and I’m glad you have a nice one. 🙂


    • They do come in handy, don’t they? If I lived alone, I would definitely have had to call someone to deal with the dead cat for me. Because that is not in my wheelhouse, and I don’t want it to be, either!


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  4. I gave a little shout out to your blog in my post today. Thanks for giving me an idea about what to write about today. Ideas have been scarce lately!


  5. My wonderful husband took care of wrapping up our dead kitty last week, so that I could cry my eyes out without having to be concerned with such gory details.


  6. kristin

    oh, maggie, i just love your blog!


  7. The day after Easter we dealt with a dead cat of my daughter’s that had been mauled by neighbor dogs. My husband and Elly’s daddy wrapped it and we had a ‘funeral’ up the road in the woods and buried it beneath a dead fallen log. Thanks be to dads who know how to handle this stuff in the best way possible. A few weeks later our household is welcoming a new cat as he gets adjusted to living in a family after being in a shelter.


    • Oh, no! That is much more upsetting. I’m glad you were able to lay one kitty to rest and welcome another one to your home. I loved having cats growing up, but now that I’m allergic (as is Mike), no more cats for us.


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