Seek and Ye Shall Find

As my father (and probably many fathers) used to say: You learn something new every day.

Today, what I learned was this: always have a bag / basket / pail handy, because you never know when you might encounter an Easter Egg Hunt.

Okay.  This is seasonal knowledge.  But it’s still worth knowing, right?

Zoe and I were on our way to the Litchfield Opera House for some Easter games and crafts this morning when we spotted a bunch of kids converging on Central Park with buckets and baskets and bags in their hands.  I was delighted and dismayed all at once.

Delighted, because: Easter Egg Hunt!  Dismayed, because: I do not actually travel with an Easter basket, even at this time of year.

Luckily, I had a gallon Ziploc bag with some extra clothes tucked in the diaper bag (Pro Tip: Diaper bags are handy!).  Instant Easter Egg Hunt bag!

This year, Zoe is old enough to understand what an egg hunt is, and to demand a bag for the occasion.  Luckily, she is not old enough to care what kind of bag it is.

Happy Easter, friends!  May all your hunting today be fruitful, and may there be plenty of plastic eggs for everyone.



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8 responses to “Seek and Ye Shall Find

  1. What a fun stop. Glad you had something to use for the surprise egg hung. A few years ago I put together a container of kid stuff to keep in the car…bubbles, a small sand pail and shovel as there are parks with sandboxes in the area, a frisbee, a kickball, a cheap kite, and a couple of old towels for drying off slides. I also keep a picnic blanket in the car. We are prepared for almost any park/playground stop.


    • That’s a good idea! When the weather warms up, the basket under the stroller has a towel for drying off slides and often a basket of beach toys (we rarely find sandboxes, but you can dig in gravel just as well) and a ball. But a box in the car would be good, too! We do have a blanket in there. It’s good to be prepared.


  2. Wow! That is my kind of egg hunt! Eggs everywhere!


  3. This is one of those metaphors that keeps on giving! Thank you for that! This made my day!


  4. Easter eggs and adorable children. A perfect sight and great photos.


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