Easter Sights and Sounds and Smells

I am still amazed, sometimes, at the great trust and responsibility my people have given to me.

When I invite them to come to the altar rail and receive individual absolution and laying on of hands, they do.  

When I ask them to light individual candles and follow me in a procession behind our new Christ candle, even though there’s not really room to gather in the back of the church and  it’s not dark yet, they do that, too.

When I make them repeat their “good morning” on Easter Sunday so they’re revved up enough to say “Alleluia!” a little bit later . . . you get the idea.

It is a profound joy to celebrate Easter with these dear people.  To see these sanctuaries filled with the colors and the scent of tulips and lilies and mums.  To hear the trumpet that comes out once a year for “Jesus Christ is Risen Today.”  To see in the second pew on the left Pearle and Irene, two ladies who haven’t been to church since the fall.  (Pro Tip: Irene is nearly 90 and Pearle is 100.  You would like them very much.)

And, it is a profound joy to rest on Easter Monday.  To eat Easter candy while rereading The Hunger Games.  To eat cheese and crackers while watching Doctor Who.  To realize that any other sentence I might add to this paragraph is going to be food related.  Alleluia.

What were your favorite Sunday and Monday moments this week?



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4 responses to “Easter Sights and Sounds and Smells

  1. Having the fellowship of my family all together on Sunday afternoon. What an awesome group of people they are. I am blessed.


  2. Oh and of course all of us eating the forbidden candy we all try not to eat the rest of the year!! I would like to invite you to look at my photo blog and see the photo I posted for Easter Sunday. I will see if I can send you a link.


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