The Sweet Nearness of You

Accordionist in a Polka Band at the Gibbon Ballroom at Gibbon, Minnesota, 20 Miles North of New Ulm...

Throughout my childhood and into my teens, I spent a decent amount of time in Mexican restaurants, and on family vacations to Mexico.

Whenever we encountered a mariachi band, my dad would request a special song for each of his daughters.  For my sister Claire (Cooie), it was Cucurucucu Paloma (because “cooo curucucu”, of course).  For me, it was La Cucaracha (because that was probably the one other mariachi song my dad knew the name of).

In later years, I appropriated Cucurucucu for myself.  (It is one of the prettiest songs I know, and it is not about a cockroach.  The choice was clear.)  I will still request whenever possible.

So imagine my delight at Beckville’s polka and pancake supper last night when the polka singer dedicated a song to Zoe.  And it is not even about cockroaches!

Closeup of an Accordionist Who Accompanies the Concord Singers as They Practice Singing German Songs in New Ulm Minnesota...

It is “The Sweet Nearness of You”, and I plan to request it from every polka band we encounter for the next thirty years or more.  (Pro Tip: in this part of the world, you encounter an impressive number of polka bands.)

Here is the best YouTube video I could find of Zoe’s new special song.  I apologize for the poor video quality, but I believe the styling makes up for it.

And here is a lovely rendition of mine (okay, okay–Cooie’s).  Not the traditional ranchero style, but one that captures the sadness of this song, as featured in the film Talk to Her.

What song or songs do you think of as yours?


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9 responses to “The Sweet Nearness of You

  1. What beautiful version.


  2. Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens! Absolutely my favorite. 😀


  3. I only understood mariachi music after getting drunk on a trip to Southern California / Tijuana. Mariachi is the blues of Mexico – full of longing and sadness.


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  5. purpleowltree1234

    A classical piano piece- Minuet by Beethoven. 🙂
    And for my daughter- “You are my Sunshine”


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