Rib Tips and Other Culinary Advice

Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa John are visiting from Chicago!  It’s going to be a lovely weekend–library story hour, a carnival at the high school, a trip to the circus, swimming in the motel pool.  We intended to kick off the visit with a meal at Sonora’s, the Very Exciting and Pretty Tasty New Mexican Restaurant in Litchfield.

Unfortunately, many other people also had this idea last night, so we moved our party next door to Jimmy’s Pizza.

And guess what?  It was Pretty Tasty over there, too!  Zoe happily snuggled with Grandma and Grandpa in a big booth while we waited for our pizza and calzones and ribs and hot wings to arrive.  Everyone liked their food, no one spilled their drinks or slid out of their booster seats or had a tantrum or anything.  It was lovely all around.

Skit featuring members of the Mount Sinai Auxiliary

But my favorite part of the meal, besides the simple fact of sharing it with four of my very favorite people in the world, was when my dad ordered the rib tips.

The waitress cast a furtive glance around the room.  Then she leaned in a little and said, “I’ll be honest with you.  No one likes the rib tips.  The ribs are good, but everyone complains about the tips.”

The price was the same, so she was not just slyly upselling my dad.  She was giving him an honest piece of advice.

So, if you eat at Jimmy’s Pizza, listen to the waitress.  Go for the ribs.

What good tips (or bad tips) have you gotten from waiters / waitresses / servers?



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4 responses to “Rib Tips and Other Culinary Advice

  1. purpleowltree1234

    Each Thursday, or every second Thursday, i pick up a delicious take-away (to go, i think you call it) lunch at a big mall, and take it to my friends’ house and however many people are there that day, we all eat yummy bought lunch together. Everyone orders what they desire. I Always eat the butter chicken from a certain curry place. The lady there recognises me now. Last time I ordered two garlic naan breads and I saw there were two in the tray ready to be serve. But the lady said, no, those are old now, and hard. I protested and said I probably wouldn’t even notice, but she got the cook to make two more FRESH garlic naan breads on the spot for me. Oh My Goodness. They were Amazing!!! Soft as clouds, warm as a winter fireside, and the Smell was Divine. I don’t want naan bread that’s been sitting there even 20 minutes, anymore. I’ve truly been spoiled. Ahhh. Listen to the waitress/waiter/server/cook. *sigh* I commented to my friend that THIS garlic naan bread is heaven food. I will certainly be eating that there one day!


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