There’s Always a Loophole

After our second meal at the Golden Palace (where the “very spicy” food was, at least, more spicy than the food on our first visit), I excitedly reached for my fortune cookie.

Zoe had already secured the winning fortune of the night:

You will soon cross desert sands for a fun vacation.

It is not true, as far as I know, but it’s a lovely sentiment to take out of a cookie.

I was a little nervous about my own fortune, since last time I had none.  This time, there was a slip of paper in the cookie, but the message was basically the same:

You shouldn’t overspend at the moment.  Frugality is important.

Oh, Golden Palace.  You understand my life so well.  In these weeks between my first quarterly tax payment and my next paycheck, frugality is important.

That’s why, when I went to the circus after supper, I brought no money at all.  I brought something much better: Zoe’s grandparents.

So, Mike and I were frugal, and Zoe still got all the mini donuts, souvenirs, and turns in the bounce house that she wanted.  The best of both worlds.

What’s the most fitting fortune you’ve ever gotten from a cookie?

Or: What tips for frugal living would you like to share with the class?



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18 responses to “There’s Always a Loophole

  1. Children grow too fast to buy them new clothes. I tried to dress my daughters in clothing found at thrift stores, garage sales, and given as hand me downs as much as possible. New clothing was usually bought at a deep discount or received as gifts. Then resell the stuff that is still good at your own garage sale!


    • We do pretty well at this, too, Kim! And yes, I look forward to the amazing garage sale we can have one day, when we’re done having babies (or when it turns out that everybody in the family has boy babies). Zoe is the first and only grandchild, so there is a stunning amount of clothing in our basement!


  2. Jenny Olsztynski

    Keep the grandparents nearby!


  3. Our six-year old granddaughter’s mom & dad have almost never bought her anything new. She is the youngest daughter in her parents’ circle of friends and her new clothes come with the labels in the neck marked with permanent marker with her best older friends’ names. Boy is she proud of those clothes. Her friends parents know how to shop. And she has grandparents…;)


    • We have a wonderful friend who sometimes ships us a big box of treasures from Pennsylvania, and it is wonderful. We do very well with the grandparents, and at garage sales / rummage sales / secondhand shops. I love buying Zoe clothes. And toys. And books . . . So if I get them for fifty cents, everybody wins!


  4. Host a clothes swap. Everyone brings their baby size through children size clean clothes. They are set in piles on the floor by size. Everyone goes around and picks out things that fit their kid.

    It works for adults as well. The unwritten very loose rule is to take no more than you bring, but if you brought ten things and only found two that fit you have the choice to take them back or leave them for someone else.

    At the end of the swap any remaining clothing is donated. Have FUN! 😀


    • I’ve heard of that for adults, but never really thought about it for kids! Definitely something to keep in mind for when we’re done having them–I’m saving most of Zoe’s clothes in the hope that someone in the Lux / Cumings family will have a girl baby one of these days (so far Zoe is the only one in her generation). And, I’m really hoping it’s me, because I loved so many of Zoe’s clothes and would love to see them on another one of my babies some day. Not that I’m sentimental or anything . . .


      • Depending on how the timing works out you might be able to get them back in a swap in a couple of years. One never knows about these things 😉


      • Ha! True! If any of our siblings has a girl baby before we do, we will give them most of our baby clothes and expect to get them back, should the need arise.


      • Need? 😦 Should that be OCCASION ?


      • Ha! I just meant, if we have another girl one day, we will want the clothes back. If we have a boy one day, we will not. But to be clear: no boy or girl baby will be born to us any time soon.


  5. That’s a really cool idea Shez gave you above. It’s a nice way to spread the love around! Wayne and I, if we ever go out to eat, instantly divide our meal in half and take part of it home for the next day. It keeps us from eating as much and makes for another meal.

    My favorite fortune was “Pick the one on the left.” So vague, yet so wonderful.


  6. Leaving the money behind is a good strategy. Cash in my wallet finds its way out of my wallet too quickly.
    Some frugal rules:
    1. Wait at least a day before making a big purchase. Cooling off periods allow time to research to make sure getting a good price and that you really want the item.
    2. Go grocery shopping with a list and without children and husband. List should be made based off of meal plan for the week.


    • Those are good tips! I do always shop with a list, and I try to make a meal plan for the week. But sometimes other things find their way into my cart . . . Plus, this week I’m the host for book club, which gave me an excuse to buy things I otherwise wouldn’t. I’m already excited for the leftover frozen fruit bars. In fact, I can probably taste one now to make sure they’re worth serving . . .


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