I Scream, You Scream

Members of the Donald Dannheim Family Who Operate a Dairy and Ice Cream Store...

Always have an exit strategy.

This is especially true on trips to the playground.  To whisk your child off to suppertime or bedtime without a tantrum, have something for them to look forward to at home.

Last night, I almost brought ice cream sandwiches along for our picnic in the park.  Then I realized that an ice cream sandwich in the freezer is worth two in the picnic basket.  (Pro Tip: That might not be the saying.)

As we prepared to leave the park, our conversation went something like this:

Me: Okay, Zoe, time to go home.

Zoe: Noooo!

Me: Zoe, when we go home, we’re going to eat ice cream sandwiches.  

(Can you hear the jazz hands?  I wish you could hear the jazz hands.)

Zoe (looking puzzled): I want real ice cream!

Me: It is real ice cream!  It’s so delicious!

Zoe: I want real ice cream!  I don’t want a sandwich.  I don’t want bread.  I don’t want cheese.

Me: Oh, no, an ice cream sandwich is made of ice cream and cookies.

Zoe: I don’t want cookies!  I want real ice cream!

Me: Trust me.  Now get in the car.

When we got home, Zoe was blown away by the Revelation of the Ice Cream Sandwich: “It’s so chocolaty!  It’s so cold!”  She’s still talking about it twenty-four hours later.

Not a bad night’s work for a store-brand, 100-calorie frozen treat.

Stock your freezers, parents and caregivers.  Summer’s on its way!

Member of the Donald Dannheim Family Who Operate a Dairy and Ice Cream Store...



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14 responses to “I Scream, You Scream

  1. Ice pops, the el cheapo brand that comes 25 or more to a box, work similar magic. To amp it over the edge, you can even make your own juice pops with Zoe.


  2. So cute and so funny! I can just imagine how amazed Zoe was by her first experiance with ice cream sanwiches!!!


    • It was pretty great! I know I sent a box to day care for her birthday last year, but since that was more than ten months ago, it would be surprising if she remembered them. It was also surprisingly messy this time around, so I’m sure a room full of toddlers eating them was fun for the teachers . . .


  3. When I was in high school, the summer between my Junior and Senior year actually, I had to have surgery on my jaw. My mouth was wired for 6-weeks. One of my indulgences was blending Ice Cream Sandwiches in the blender.

    Now that I am a mom, I keep freezer pops on hand. If I am going to have to feed the neighborhood, and it appears that I do, our snacks are going to be the cheapest things I can find.


    • Julie, that sounds amazing. Not the jaw surgery, but the blender ice cream sandwiches. What a brilliant idea!

      And just as brilliant is the freezer pops–I’ll have to get some next week!


  4. The Cub discovered our push up pop set, which we haven’t used in a couple of years because he hadn’t coordinated the eating part with the keeping the plunger part up to where he could eat the ice cream. He’s now on a big push up pop kick. We usually have a few flavors of ice cream in the house, so I’m keeping a couple of different ones ready now.


  5. Tory

    “The Revelation of the Ice Cream Sandwich.” Big stuff! I love when I ‘discover’ or am introduced to new wonderful things in life, and am only slightly embarrassed to admit that I sometimes have the same gushing response to my newest favorite ‘thing.’
    Have you tried making applesauce popsicles? Unsweetened applesauce in an ice cube tray isn’t really the same thing as an ice cream sandwich, but it hits the spot on a hot day!


    • Why be embarrassed by joy? I think it’s lucky to get a lot of enjoyment out of little things! For example, I am super excited to try applesauce popsicles. I don’t know if we have any ice cube trays anymore, but I will track some down and . . . just put applesauce and popsicle sticks in there? Sounds delish.


  6. Great job Mom…my kids are mostly older and gone…have two married, one about to be married in June, one graduating from college next weekend and a sixth grader…but nanny for a two year old and have used and still use similar strategies. I loved this post! Keep it up…my husband had two small Lutheran parishes in southern Minnesota as his first call. 3o years later we are in Montana!


    • Thanks for the encouragement–it sounds like you are an expert! I am loving this first call and this small town life. In 30 years, we could be almost anywhere!


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