Garage Sale Gloating

Ask and you shall receive.  So says Jesus, and so say I!

In fact, all it takes is one request in the comment section, and I am only too happy to pile a bunch of stuff on the couch, the better to facilitate any “ooh”-ing and “ahh”-ing you may wish to do.

So, by popular demand (Pro Tip: Exaggeration), here is the haul from Maggie and Zoe’s Operation: Citywide garage sale shopping extravaganza:

And an exciting close up (or, a photographic explanation for why I don’t try to sell things online):

Quite a haul, right?  Here’s the run-down:

–6 sets of 3T summer pajamas (5 of which have both shorts and pants)

–3 adorable tank tops, 2 short-sleeved shirts, 1 long-sleeved shirt

–1 long-sleeved outfit, 1 pair of pants (harder to find the older they get!)

–4T clothes: 2 pairs of shorts, 3 t-shirts, 1 tank top, 1 corduroy dress

–Old school Fisher Price Little People Garage

–Playskool ball popper

–4 pairs of dress up shoes

–3 musical instruments

–1 Backyardigans Beanie Baby

–Assorted little toys (a Little People figure with fence, a mini My Little Pony, a pink basket, a Mickey water cup)

–Not pictured: 8 or 10 books and 1 fabulous green tutu

Total Cost: $31

The rest of the weekend was pretty rainy, so we have had ample time to enjoy the Little People garage and the ball popper (I don’t know its official name).  They are both big hits!  (Bonus: Coming home from church to hear Mike say, “Only put the balls in the ball popper.  Remember what happened when you put the Care Bear in there?”)

The books are a hit, too, including Witches Four, which I remember fondly from my own childhood.  I even managed to hide two Dora board books, which I am saving for her birthday and which I will almost certainly regret buying.  (I haven’t read them yet, because why on earth would I, but I’m guessing they are not destined to be classics.)

Okay, your turn:  Ooh, ahh, and do some garage sale gloating of your own!



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20 responses to “Garage Sale Gloating

  1. Sue

    Nice! I’m still freecycle and hand-me-down gloating… the only things for her body we’ve purchased are cloth diapers and accessories. The only clothing items I bought for her were in Korea – she wore the han bok once (as expected) and the other top NEVER. And I hope I just scored an outdoor playhouse just now on freecycle – we shall see!


    • Sue, that is amazing! I am impressed at your self-control–I can’t help buying things for Zoe. So, so many things.

      And I am way impressed (and envious) by that outdoor playhouse score. Way to go, Mama!


  2. Claire

    I’m glad you clarified those were dress-up shoes. what a fantastic haul!! nice work 🙂


    • Well, of COURSE they are for dress up! This isn’t Toddlers and Tiaras for heaven’s sake. I was pretty pleased with our haul. Now it just needs to warm up again so she can wear some of these adorable tank tops.


  3. kara

    We just got Hannah a $3 T-Rex that retails for $50! She loves it! It roars and moves, it pretty much rocks. She pets it and kisses it and tells it “sshhh” It is so gosh darn cute.


    • That is a great deal, Kara! I still remember that amazing slide you got (last year? two years ago already?) for FIVE dollars. Amazing deals in South Dakota, people. I bet that T-Rex is awesome!


  4. Great haul! I am particularly impressed by the pajamas. I never seemed to find those. Seriously, I was the only one who reqested an inventory of your garage sale haul??? I am shocked! I love a bargin and I love to see other people’s bargins!!


    • Thank you! You are dead right about the pajamas–they are my best find, and a steal at fifty cents or a dollar a set. Pajamas and swim suits are the things I will always buy, since they are hard to find and rarely go on very significant sale. I think Zoe’s 3T pajama wardrobe (for all seasons, of course) is now complete.

      I was just glad YOU asked, Kim. I only needed the tiniest push. It is fun to see other people’s bargains, I agree!


  5. Liz L.

    I love how bright and colorful everything is. Bring on summer!


    • Isn’t it fun? One sale had a bunch of very bright and colorful clothes, many of which looked like they’d hardly been worn, but it was mostly a size too small. Alas. Still, I did pretty well!


  6. Joy Alsop

    Way to go, Maggie! I went to some neighborhood sales this weekend but it was kind of a let down. 😦 I did get a few clothing deals, though. Thankfully, the garage sale season is young!


    • Thanks! I was proud of my ad scouting–I picked some great sales! The garage sale season is young, so I’m trying to pace myself. It’s not a deal if you buy a bunch of stuff you don’t really need or want just because it’s cheap, or if you spend too much money because the deals are so good . . .


  7. Good eye for bargains! Little People! Garage sale-ing takes a lot of know-how and patience— I’m really impressed with your finds! (I’m gonna say it again! LITTLE PEOPLE! So awesome!)


    • Thanks, Bluebird! I have really honed my garage sale skills in the last three years, at least in the area of baby / toddler clothes / toys / books / supplies.

      Yes, Little People! We have gone in for a few “toy families” in a big way, and one is Little People. We mostly have the newer ones, of course, which are softer plastic, significantly bigger (less swallowable) and more detailed, but I was delighted to buy the old school garage. Although, we seem to already be missing two of the little people. Let’s hope they’re under the couch and not . . . well, at least they’re plastic, right?


  8. Great gloating, high five, good job. Everything is so cute!! And I love her choice of high heels. Adorable.


    • Thanks, Shez. We are having a great time with the heels. And we haven’t yet lost the balls for the ball popper. One week (almost) is pretty good, right?


      • My “kids” who are adults with kids of their own now, Had a “popcorn push stick thing” that when pushed it made the wheels clack and the little balls bang up and down inside a clear dome with a loud popping sound. After about the fifth day of it going non-stop, it mysteriously disappeared. It miraculously reappeared after the weather outside was nice and they could pop all they wanted outside. It was either loose the toy or I was going to loose my marbles. 😉


      • Ha! Mike’s brother and sister-in-law got Zoe one of those, hoping to annoy us, but I find it one of the less annoying noise-making toys in the house. It doesn’t talk in Dora the Explorer’s voice, or make loud, tinny guitar sounds, or sing “Bingo” very loudly. Yet for some reason, I bought Zoe a toy vacuum cleaner that will be much more annoying to me. We’re saving it for her birthday–we’ll see how she likes it compared to the popper (which she currently uses to help Daddy vacuum).


  9. Amazing! I hope I can score that much tomorrow when I go! I like to call it treasure hunting!


    • I hope so, too! Are you coming to Litch? Stop by and say hi if you are–we’ll be sitting in our driveway Saturday morning from 8 to 12. I hope the weather’s a little nicer, too!


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