Shameless Self-Promotion

Zoe is kind of a bid deal in her My Little Pony nightgown (.50) and her dress up shoes (.25).

I don’t want to brag, but I’m kind of a big deal.

On WordPress.  For another day or two.

I got Freshly Pressed, which means that someone at WordPress liked one of my posts enough to put it on the front page.  (Home page?  I’m a newspaper girl at heart.)

So, if you found your way here thanks to Freshly Pressed, welcome!  It’s lovely to have you.  And if you found your way here by some other means, you’re welcome, too!

As you may know, it’s garage sale season in the United States.  For those of us who love a deal, love to shop, and love those impulse purchases, this is a glorious time of year.  You don’t have to feel bad about an impulse buy when it cost a dollar or less, right?

This weekend is the Litchfield Citywide Garage Sale, so in addition to treasure hunting, Mike and Zoe and I will be offering up some treasures of our own.  From our basement to yours, with love.  Even if we don’t make any money, we will be getting rid of boxes and boxes of stuff.  (As I have repeatedly promised my mother, none of this stuff is coming back in the house.)

If you’re in the Litchfield area, stop by for some sweet deals on toys, household items, books, clothes, a wicker picnic basket, and more.

If you’re not in the area, I wish you luck in all your own treasure hunting or treasure selling.  This weekend, and always.

George E. Adams' cake shop, Brisbane Arcade, Brisbane, ca. 1938

There are some treasures in this cake shop, to be sure.



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11 responses to “Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Yes, I know your blog was a big hit; my smart phone was ‘ringing off the hook’ yesterday with comments on a past posting that I had commented on. What fun!


    • My email was my first clue–all of a sudden, all kinds of people were “liking” that post. I’m sure your phone is going nuts right now as I try to catch up to all the comments! It really is fun! I do love writing this blog, and I love it when other people enjoy it, too!


  2. Girrrrrrrl! Is this your third FP? Congratulations! That’s LOVELY! I think I met you due to your very first Freshly Pressed award! Yay! (Doing a little happy dance for you!)


    • Thank you so much! It IS lovely! My favorite thing about Freshly Pressed, besides the big ego boost of course, is the opportunity to connect with other bloggers like you! It’s going to take me a while to wade through all the comments, but what a nice problem that is. Thanks, BB!


      • YEE! I finally get to say what everyone said to me with my FB— “Enjoy the ride!” Also, I’d like to add— “Make some awesome new friends!” It’s gonna be a fun week, my friend!


  3. Seriously that is amazing!!! Those Freshly Pressed people like you! And any extra hits I get because of you are always welcome!!!! By the way, love the 75 cent outfit!!!


    • It’s pretty crazy! I credit my decision to take their algorithmic tagging advice. And I’m happy to send some traffic your way!

      Zoe was thrilled with that nightgown. Tonight for bedtime, she added socks (as always) and pajama bottoms. I had to stop myself from buying two more sets of PJs at a garage sale tonight (because it turns out you actually CAN have too many), but if we’re going to be adding pants to nightgowns, maybe I should have . . .


  4. I’m addicted now. I think I’m going treasure hunting again this weekend. New London is having their city wide sale! Now if only I could pull myself together and have a garage sale myself!


    • Oooh! You don’t have any links to a newspaper website that would have New London garage sale listings, do you? I’m addicted, too, obviously, and still searching for the perfect sporty sandal (for Zoe, of course–finding one for myself at a garage sale seems like too much to ask).


  5. Congratulations, again. And Zoe makes an awesome model for your finds. She’s a real princess of a little girl. On second thought that it is also true to say she’s a priceless little girl. 😀


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