Music Everywhere: Toast and Jelly


This is exactly what it looks like when Mike, Zoe, and I sit down for breakfast every morning.  (That’s me in the red.)

There are things about your family you don’t really notice, until your family gets a little bigger.

Sister Claire’s fiance Doug recently pointed out that what he first thought was a funny habit of Claire’s is in fact a habit of all four of us Luxes: at any given time, we may break into song.

Of course we do.  There’s music everywhere!

Yesterday morning, as we three Cumingses (Pro Tip: Married last name does not pluralize pleasingly) enjoyed a breakfast of toast and jelly, I naturally started singing “Postcard from a Dream (Toast and Jelly)”:

Breakfast! Good morning, everybody!

The sun’s up and there’s lots of toast and jelly!

You can get it if you really want;

you gotta try hard, try hard.

Well, it was a hit!  Zoe loved it, and demanded it over and over (and over and over), not just at breakfast but at supper time, too.

Here is the whole song.  The good part starts around 4:15, and includes the very best lyrics, which I forgot yesterday, and which concern dish washing.  How perfect is that?

What are your morning, or mealtime, or dish washing songs?



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7 responses to “Music Everywhere: Toast and Jelly

  1. Claire

    Yay shout out for doug 🙂


  2. Beautiful. Thank you for a brighter day. 🙂


  3. I turn many an event or outing into a song. Walking to school, getting dressed…lots of Broadway tunes become something else in my brain. I used to put The Cub into his travel swing, put the swing on the floor in the bedroom or kitchen, and fold laundry or wash dishes to This Old Man, Old McDonald, or any other that could go on for a while. The Cub loved it.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


    • Happy Mother’s Day to you! I have always loved singing to Zoe, even before she was born, and it’s really fun now that she can sing along. Although, it does mean a lot more Old MacDonald than I might choose myself . . .

      Also, I found some popsicle makers at the store yesterday! We made pudding and poured it in; we’ll see tomorrow how they turn out. I am probably (definitely) the most excited one in the house. Pudding pops!


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