Mommy and Me

In the checkout line at Wal-Mart yesterday (I know, I know), the little boy in line behind me suddenly lit up.

Mom!  That’s Zoe’s mom!”  It was like he had just spotted a celebrity (which, in a sense . . . never mind).

I am identified in many ways (“that lady pastor”, “the one who orders the roast beef panini without the roast beef”), but “Zoe’s mom” might be my favorite.

What a blessing it is to be Zoe’s mom, to sing and play and laugh and read and snuggle with her every day (and talk at her through clenched teeth every other day or so).

And what a blessing it is to share the holy work of being family with her, with Mike, with our parents and siblings, and with our church family, too.

Thank you for making me a mother, Mike and Zoe.

Thank you for making me a better mother, all you family and friends.

And thank you for making me me, Mom (and Dad, but I’ll get you next month).

Thank you for Valentine’s luncheons with heart-shaped sandwiches, for a “ladies’ lunch” when I turned ten, for a Halloween hoop skirt when you hated to sew, for pretending to like the Beach Boys when I was obsessed, for driving me everywhere and only occasionally forgetting to pick me up, for always always always respecting and loving me, no matter what.

And: thank you for accepting this sappy blog post in lieu of a gift.

Happy Mother’s Day, all you mothers and mothering folks!  



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4 responses to “Mommy and Me

  1. Claire

    What a fantastic blog post!!! love it 🙂 she is a pretty great mom, isn’t she? (and so are you!)


  2. Lovely, especially “the holy work of being family.”


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