Dinner V. Dessert

Old Style Cash Register and Canned Goods in a Butcher Shop in New Ulm, Minnesota ..., 10/1974

I felt virtuous and capable as I plugged in my crock pot before 8 AM on Tuesday.  Here it was, not even light out yet (Pro Tip: Exaggeration), and I was well on my way to a delicious pot of French onion soup for supper.

Just cook the Vidalia onions on low for eight to ten hours, then add broth and a little brandy for an hour, top with cheesy bruschetta and you’re good to go.  Amazing!

I should have known better.

I should have known that, when you combine onions and broth, the result tastes just like . . . onions and broth.  The onions that smelled amazing all afternoon were mushy and mild by suppertime.  And the broth was just . . . broth.  I was crushed.

Luckily, Dessert was there to save the day: homemade pudding pops, inspired by my blogging friend Lady Lisa Bear.  They were a hit with the whole family!

Member of the Donald Dannheim Family Who Operate a Dairy and Ice Cream Store...

Now, I say “homemade”, but what I really did is this: mix up a batch of chocolate pudding (milk and pudding mix), pour it in our new popsicle molds*, and freeze it.  (Okay, and by “I”, what I really mean is, “Mike.”  Thanks, honey.)

So: two incredibly easy culinary endeavors.  One failure, one success.

Thank the good God the success was dessert.

Bonus: the pudding mix makes a little more than our six molds can hold, which means we get to lick the bowl, too.

What are some of your culinary successes or failures?

*Pro Tip: I found these molds for about half the Amazon price at Wal-Mart.  I’m not promoting Wal-Mart, but I am promoting the idea of looking for these or a similar product in an actual store.



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9 responses to “Dinner V. Dessert

  1. My latest culinary success was a “rustic tart.” Unroll a premade pizza crust on a pan (I cover the pan with foil). I cooked up some mushrooms, yellow squash, and some onion in butter and flavored with a little seasoned salt and Italian spices. Put veggies in the middle of the pizza crust, sprinkle heavily with feta cheese, and then fold edges of crust up over the veggie mixture. Bake as directed on the pizza crust package. Seriously easy and yummy!!!! Just ate the left overs for lunch! You can use any cheese and filling that you want!


    • Oooh, I will definitely try this! Are you talking about a frozen pizza crust? Is there such a thing? I have just seen mixes or the Boboli type crusts at my grocery store. This would be a good one for weeks when I don’t know what to expect from the Farmer’s market (so, every week, I guess!). Thanks, Kim!


  2. Glad to hear that the pudding pop experiment was a success!


    • So far we’ve done chocolate and coconut cream. The chocolate was great and the coconut cream is disappointing. Zoe, a true ice cream lover, wouldn’t eat more than a bite or two. I need to “do my part” and finish them up so we can make vanilla, or, as Zoe suggests, chocolate again. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. I’m sure you have, but have you looked a the crockpot 365 site?
    anyway- I made a brisket w/ a recipe from allrecipes and was AMAZED at how simple it was. coolness.


    • I have not looked at that site, but will check it out! I think meat in a crockpot can be very simple and delicious, but vegetarian recipes (which are all I personally make) sometimes need a little more work to make them really tasty.


  4. the Falafel recipe from crockpot365 was surprisingly successful, and meatless… 🙂 I think you’re on to something with the spices though…


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