Simple Serenity: Grocery Shopping Alone

I love this goofy girl.

I love eating and playing and talking and dancing and generally hanging out with her.  These days, I even love garage sale shopping with her.

But sometimes, I love to hang out with other people.  That’s why I’m so excited for my anniversary date date night with Mike on Sunday, and why I also love being a pastor, which lets me do Bible study, lead worship, and visit with all kinds of folks every week.  (Pro Tip: It also lets me in for a lot of excellent homemade jam.)

And sometimes, I love to hang out with no one but myself.  Reading a mystery novel, watching a TV show Mike hates (I’m looking at you, Brothers and Sisters), or, that most rare and glorious treat, grocery shopping alone.

Women in a Publix grocery store: Tallahassee, Florida

Normally, Zoe is with me.  And I really don’t mind: it’s an easy activity, and most of the time she does a great job.

But today, I slipped out during nap time (when, don’t worry, Mike was still at home) and went to the store by myself.  And here is what I got to do:

1. Shop at my own natural pace.  This, as my mother could tell you with a weary sigh, is basically glacial.  I read the ingredients on the store brand and name brand lemon juice concentrate.  I paw through the bargain book bin for at least five minutes and walk away empty-handed.  I compare the prices of Every Single Frozen Pizza in the joint.  It is not a speedy process, friends.

2. Spend time in the cookie aisle.  Normally, I skip this one altogether or hurl a box of generic Nilla wafers into the cart as I race through.  Today, I spent so long staring at the incredible array of Keebler cookies (all fifty percent off, a steal of a deal) that I made friends with the guy stocking the shelves.  If you’re wondering how many packages of Keebler cookies made it into the cart, let’s just say the Keebler guy thanked me as I left the aisle.  I trust you are suitably impressed.

3. Have uninterrupted conversations.  I never go to the store without running into at least one person I know–a parishioner, my father-in-law, a librarian–and I am always happy to stop and chat.  Zoe is sometimes less happy.  It was lovely to talk without a little voice saying, “Walk! Walk!” every ten seconds.

A Customer Can Use the Ration Books of the Whole Family. But the First Thing She Will Want to Know When She Buys Pork Chops, Pound of Butter or a Half Pound of Cheese Is - "How Many Points Will It Take?" 1941 - 1945

When I got home, Mike and Zoe were both napping, so I brought the groceries in and quietly put them away.  I grabbed a Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper and a box of Cheez-It Snack Mix (both on sale, so totally acceptable) and sat down to tell you all about it.  Truly, I feel like I just had a massage.

And since grocery shopping probably costs about as much as a massage and fills my fridge and cabinets for the week, I think I might indulge in the solo shop a little more often.

What’s better with one?  



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11 responses to “Simple Serenity: Grocery Shopping Alone

  1. You remind me of the good old days when my kids were young and a solo shopping trip was such a treat! Yep, just as good as a massage!


    • Will I one day long for the days when I pushed my little one around in the cart, while she sang Old MacDonald at the top of her little lungs?

      I think I probably will.


  2. purpleowltree1234

    Ahhhh, I *feel* your relief! 🙂 I too LOVE grocery shopping alone! On days like that I think to myself, “Life is good.” 🙂 As FUN as it is going with my daughter, and seeing how happy she is to pick out a yoghurt drink as a treat and watching her race around making people smile.
    Love from Rach.


    • It’s true! Both are fun, so it’s nice to mix it up and go by myself sometimes. I know, shopping with your kid or without: wild and crazy choices, those.


  3. Jane

    Cheez It snack mix?!! Oh, how I miss the American snack isle…and yes, shopping alone too.


  4. Liz L.

    I also read every label and compare sodium content vs fat content and price . . . I totally understand your glacial pace!


  5. I don’t mind the grocery, but a trip to the library ALONE is heaven. (that’s where my glacial instincts take over)


    • Oooh, that’s a good one! I look forward to the day when my child can be left alone in her section while I browse alone in mine. Although, truly, I love browsing in “her” section almost as much! I do a lot of online requesting from my library, and I think Zoe and I both like getting a stack of books whenever we stop in. I try to make sure there’s at least one for her in there now, too!


      • Jane

        Trips to library alone are pure bliss. When my husband offers to take the kids for a couple hours and I don’t feel inclined to do housework, I adore going to a library, browsing the shelves for a read, then going to relax in a nearby cafe to immerse myself in my new acquisition. Heaven.


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