Let’s Stay Together

Our marriage license had gone missing.

Mike’s passport had been mailed to the wrong address.

The organist had an emergency and sent in a last minute sub.

So, we didn’t get a photo of the marriage license signing, because it happened a week after the wedding on a new copy of the license.

Mike had to shine his shoes with vegetable oil and a paper towel, because he spent the morning driving to opposite sides of the city to pick up (1) his passport and (2) the Kit’s frozen custard for the reception.

We had to hear Pachabel’s Canon before the processional, because the substitute organist didn’t know it was the only song we definitely did not want played that day.

But guess what?  It was a great wedding day.  And even better, six years later, it is a great marriage.

Happy Anniversary, Mike!  Here’s to many, many more.

And, here’s the song we danced to for our first married dance, on May 20th, 2006:



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8 responses to “Let’s Stay Together

  1. And before you know it you will be married 26 years like Hubby and I! Happy anniverary!


  2. Jessica Nipp

    I love the photo of Mom (?) tearing up in teh background. 🙂

    Happy Anniversary!!


  3. Emily

    It was a great day! Congratulations!!


  4. That’s beautiful. Happy anniversary!


  5. I hope it was a wonderful day! Happy Anniversary.


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