Out and About on the Interwebs

The good people of The Broke and the Bookish threw us a curve ball this week: a Top Ten Tuesday that is not about books.  Instead, it’s Top Ten Blogs / Websites You Visit That are Not About Books.

Let’s hit it!  I’ll show you mine; you show me yours.

That didn’t come out right, did it?  Read my list, then share a few (or ten) of your favorites in the comments!

1. Bluebird Blvd: “Conjugating the absurd. Daily.” There is so much to love from this writer: poetry, photography, quirky and dazzling five minute dance parties, wise words on being a grown up and funny words on being alive.

2. The Lady Pastor: Of course lady pastors write the finest blogs!  Emily shares great photos, stories of her adventures, and glimpses into her music, her style, and her life.

3. Beauty Tips for Ministers: Speaking of lady pastors . . . This blog helped me so much as a seminary student and new pastor (now I am a veteran at almost three years).  Peacebang’s advice would be good for people in many walks of life.  Plus, she is just really funny and smart.

4. Suburban Snapshots: It’s a mommy blog, sort of.  It’s funny and real and not competitive.  Except that Brenna is also a professional photographer, so the photos she includes are way, way better than the ones I’m able to share.

5. Tom and Lorenzo: A lot of fashion on here, of course, but what I really love are their TV posts.  I started watching Mad Men so that I could enjoy reading what T and Lo have to say about it; I kept watching Project Runway for the same reason.

6. Facebook, of course.  Let’s be honest: I probably spend more time here than anywhere else on the Internet.  It’s where all my friends are!

7. Pinterest.  I finally caved, and now I’m addicted.  Where else can I collect a bunch of adorable ideas for Zoe’s birthday party (that I will probably never actually use)?  It’s aspirational, and I love it.

And, I guess I’m done at seven!  Really, the other websites I spend the most time on are Amazon (where I add things to Zoe’s wishlist) and my library website (where I add things to my online request list).  And those things are . . . books.

Where do you hang out on the interwebs?

Bonus Question: What spooky, scary, nighttime books would you recommend for grades 6 to 8?  Think mysteries, crime, vampires, ghosts, sci-fi.  Help my friend K get her middle schoolers reading this summer!



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12 responses to “Out and About on the Interwebs

  1. Checking out Bluebird Blvd. Thanks for the recommendation.


  2. That first one sounds most interesting!

    As for the bonus question — what about the Hardy Boys? Are they too dated by now?


  3. Oh, M.! I think my heart is going to pop! Thank you so very much. I’m so glad I know you— you’re upbeat and you have such a “can do” spirit. Such joy and strength! (And you really, really, really made my day!)


    • Well, you’re so very welcome! I’m glad to know you, too!

      And thanks for advertising another great feature of Bluebird Blvd–warm, heartfelt responses to every single comment!


      • *Laughs* Why thank you, Maggie! I do appreciate your noticing. I do have my higgledy-piggledy days (read: crabby!) and I do have moments where I want to think before I speak, but I love conversations and people and I love to celebrate happy moments, so…. (I’m blushing a little. I’m grinning a lot.) Thanks again. You are a true gem!


  4. On the bonus question – Susan Cooper, The Dark is Rising trilogy. Her other books are also good, though may be more upper elementary age rather than middle school. I also love all Dianna Wynne Jones books, which are funny and whimsical, favorites are The Dark Lord of Derkholm and Howl’s Moving Castle.


  5. I’m a Pinterest addict too. Welcome to the club 🙂


  6. I love YOUR bloggy-blog, my friend. Thank you for including me. I hope you had a great time in South Dakota!!!!


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