Mixed Blessing: A Sick Day without Being Sick

Look who my partner in crime / partner in ministry is today!

She got sent home with a fever yesterday, which means she can’t go back until Thursday at the earliest.  She seems just fine, so here’s hoping she stays fever free and can go back to preschool tomorrow.

Partly because Mike and I both have work to do, and partly because tomorrow is Tie Dye Day at preschool, and no child should miss that.


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6 responses to “Mixed Blessing: A Sick Day without Being Sick

  1. Susan Latzke

    Happy Sick Day ! Wouldn’t it be great if all sick days were that fun !


    • Thanks, Susan! The photos are from different days, but she did have a fun morning playing at home, playing ath the library, getting her haircut, going to the bank, and eating at “Old MacDonald’s”. Now, a nap for her and some work for me!


  2. Definitely don’t want her to miss Tie dye day..that’d be awful! Still remember those days…and the smell of chemicals on your fingers…of course, I think they make them wear gloves now a days.


    • I’m just happy that she can make those memories at school so I don’t have to figure it out at home! I’m excited to see her creation tomorrow!


      • And you don’t have to deal with the cleanup…that is truly the worst part of tie dye


      • Absolutely! Zoe’s shirt turned out very dark blue / grey, with just a splash of red at the bottom. I would have enjoyed watching her make it, but I would not have enjoyed the clean up!


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