Rainy Day, Happy Day

How to spend a rainy Saturday morning in Litchfield with your almost-three-year-old:

1. Duplos.  Inspired by friend J, who once said that before kids, a rainy day was a duvet day, and after kids, a Duplo day (I paraphrase, but isn’t it great?), we pulled out the Duplo bin and had a grand old time making houses, yards, planes, and trains for our zoo animals.

2. Take excursion ideas from your child.  “Want to go shopping at Wal-Mart?” I asked Zoe, trying to come up with an indoor activity.  “Let’s go to Cricket Meadow first!” she said.  Hey, kid, great idea!  We split a giant cookie, played checkers and chess with the board painted on the table, and sipped our coffee / milk.  One of us also learned how to say “Joaquin” and then showed new friend Joaquin how to run up and down the ramp at the tea shop.

3. Wal-Mart.  I did need to pick up a few things, so what better place to go than Wal-Mart?  On a rainy Saturday morning.  During Memorial Day weekend.  Not my smartest move.  I forgot two things, couldn’t find another, and ended up chasing Zoe while one of my parishioners looked on.  But, hey, we were out of the house, right?

4. Library!  We lucked out this morning.  Another friend from church was there with her little girl.  We found some great books: I Spy Under the Sea,  What Is Your Dog Doing?and a whole mess of Maisy books.  We had a bunch of books and a few movies waiting for us at the circulation desk, and the friendly library worker gave us a bunch of extra days on the movies.

5. Be amazed at how quickly nap time rolls around!  And, I suppose, be grateful that your busy child is still of napping age.

What are your favorite things to do on a rainy day?



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4 responses to “Rainy Day, Happy Day

  1. Those are some great ideas 🙂 As for me, I just go to the house verandah and cuddle up with a book in one hand and a steaming cup of tea on the other 🙂 Sometimes the smell of mus after rain brightens things up 🙂


  2. Is there anything more exciting than new rain boots? Yes, I do believe there is, if you are a little girl, and that is PINK RAIN BOOTS!! 😀

    I remember when one of mine had to sleep with her new rain boots. There is something completely magical about them.


    • That’s funny, Shez! Zoe is actually trying on MY pink rain boots in these pictures! They are not new, but I love them, and they have served me well. (Zoe’s rain boots are puppy boots, which she loves, too.)


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