Love and Jazz Hands

Camille Clifford (Mrs. H.L. Bruce) (Mrs. J.M.J. Evans) (LOC)

Holy buckets.  Have you people seen this video yet?

It is pretty cheesy and over the top, but what can I say?  I was, as the kids say (or as they said a year or two ago), “legitly crying” by the end.  I love it.

I love knowing that every single person dancing and lip synching in this video is a friend or family member of the couple.

I love that even far away friends and family could be a part of it thanks to the magic of technology.

I love the marching band uniforms.

I love that everyone keeps waggling their jazz hands until the actual marriage proposal has been accepted.

Now, the marriage proposal I accepted occurred while I was helping Mike fold ten metric tons of laundry.  (My job was sorting socks.)  And I wouldn’t trade it for anything–not even this amazing “live lip dub”.  A post-laundry proposal, strange as it may sound, was just right for me and Mike.

Although: I would love to see him in his old high school marching band uniform.

Members of Franklin High School band with train, Snoqualmie Pass

Do you have a romantic or funny or terrible proposal story to share (yours or a friend or family member’s)?  Or, how do you imagine proposing or being proposed to?  Or, what song do you love lip synching along with?



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6 responses to “Love and Jazz Hands

  1. That was an awesome video!


  2. Amazing video. I, too, legitly cried. 🙂


  3. Liz L.

    Oh, way too adorable. Love it! I had not seen that yet.


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