Happy Memorial Day from South Dakota (I Assume)!

We made it!

Well, I assume we did.  On Saturday night I learned how to schedule my posts instead of posting them immediately.  This is a game changer, people.  It means that I can spend a few days in South Dakota while you enjoy uninterrupted Never Done It That Way Before content.

Now, since I discovered this the night before we left, I’m not saying this content is going to be amazing.  And I will probably be even slower than usual at responding to your comments (your comments that I love to read, while we’re on the subject).  But . . . half a loaf is better than none, as they say.

So, the Cumings family hit the road after church yesterday (again, I assume) and traveled to South Dakota, where we know two couples from seminary!  We will all hang out and admire each other’s offspring.  Zoe and Hannah are just ten days apart, and last met two years ago (when I took these photos).  I can’t wait to see them in action on this visit!

This is the first Memorial Day I’ve traveled since we moved to Litchfield.  I will miss being a part of the Memorial Day celebration in Cosmos (Pro Tip: An event that gives you a corsage is a good event).  I will miss the chance to barbecue with the extended Cumings family.

I will not miss the bad weather that looms over southwestern Minnesota today.

Again: I assume.

What’s on the grill / on your agenda today?



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2 responses to “Happy Memorial Day from South Dakota (I Assume)!

  1. Enjoy your trip! I plan on a relaxing day catching up on books and the good ol’ dvr. The rest of the weekend was hectic, so this will be my relaxation day before starting the work week.


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