Patriotic Fruit

"Let Your Fruit Trees Save Sugar.", ca. 1917 - ca. 1919

I’ve been hanging onto this Flickr gem since I wrote about toast and jelly, thinking I would have something funny or brilliant or at least mildly interesting to say about it.

But I think it speaks for itself, don’t you?

Then again, since I can’t leave well enough alone:

Be like Mrs. Patriot, not Mrs. Waster.  (Pro Tip: If you don’t have your own fruit trees, you can buy homemade jam and jelly at the Farmer’s Market this summer or, like me, be lucky enough to receive it from patriots who do their own preserving.)

What’s on your toast this morning?



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4 responses to “Patriotic Fruit

  1. And, if you don’t have fruit trees, dandelions make perfectly good jelly. It tastes a little like honey. My husband and I recently bought an old farmsite. The house needs a lot of work so we haven’t moved out there yet so we aren’t working the land yet. But, we did harvest a lot of dandelions. Fourteen quarts of Dandelion Jelly. Making jams and jellies uses a whole lot of sugar though.


    • I was thinking that about the sugar, too, Julie! Did WWII jam just taste very tart? I did not know about dandelion jelly! Definitely seems like a great idea, especially on a farm site where you know they haven’t been sprayed with chemicals!


  2. Manda

    Srsly, this is the best form of patriotism. Why don’t we see this as patriotism any more? I love that we have a global economy but dangnabit, our current food system is not sustainable!!
    North Americans, stop eating bananas! It uses too many fossil fuels!! And all that sugar comes from far away and at a great price! Freedom is not free? Neither are tomatoes! The right to bear arms and eat cantaloupe year round? Rice is political!
    Amen. May it indeed be so.


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