“Trust God Louder!”

This week Zoe got to do two nights of Vacation Bible School at our friends’ South Dakota congregation.  As I was putting my very tired little girl to bed after the first night, she sleepily murmured something about “the Jesus song O”, and then looked me in the eye and said, “Trust God.”

This, it turns out, was the take away line from that first night of VBS.  When we were getting ready to head over for the second night, I repeated it to her, and she grinned and yelled, “Yeah!  Trust God louder!”

And my heart soared.  Because, this is exactly the kind of thing you want your kid to be yelling with a smile on her face.  On the list of Favorite Zoe Sayings, it is right up there with “I love you so much!” and “Let’s take a nap!”

Children are amazingly impressionable (Pro Tip: This is not news).  They listen to everything you say (except when you say things like, “Stop running!” or “Come back here!” or “Don’t throw that!”), and they will repeat it at the most inopportune time.

So, if instead of saying, “You want a beer, Mom?”, Zoe will sometimes say, “Trust God louder!”, I call that a big win.

What wonderful or terrible things have you heard out of the mouths of babes this week?



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6 responses to ““Trust God Louder!”

  1. Claire

    Oh my !! what a cute (and funny) picture!! I can’t believe she has tevas on! for some reason it makes her seem so old 🙂 can’t wait to see her for the big birthday party!!!


    • She really rocked the photos on this trip. I agree–she looks VERY old with the Tevas on. Not so much when she comes staggering over every five minutes to have me help her put her foot back in them. The days are sure dragging before her party, aren’t they? We’re excited, too!


  2. Jenny Olsztynski

    Yesterday Sophie was playing with the neighbor’s daughter in our yard. Her Dad called her home for lunch. Of course, being a 5 year old she started complaining that she wasn’t hungry etc. Sophie then said: “Emily, listen to your Mom and Dad and go home and eat your lunch”. I was so proud of my Sophie! And Emily quietly went home.


  3. Love it!! She will quickly learn no one will even say “shhhhh” to those words and they will come out in several situations. 😀


    • Ha! That’s a good point. Today at supper she told us that God scrubbed her. I think that means they talked about baptism at Tuesday church today!


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