Never Give Up

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As you may recall, I always take a moment to read the Church of the Nazarene sign when I drive past.  Since I  drive past that sign at least twice a day, and the message is the same for a week or more, I get a lot of time to ponder that message.

Sometimes, it makes me laugh, like the Easter bunny zinger, or this amazing Mother’s Day message: Choosy moms choose Jesus.  Now, I am no fan of decision theology–Jesus chooses us–but I am a fan of a good JIF slogan riff.

Sometimes, it lifts me up, like this week’s message:

Discouraged?  Don’t give up.  God will never give up on you.

Every time I drive by, I find myself lifting my head a little higher, thinking, “Yeah!  God will never give up.”  And I don’t mean this in a “God is on my side” / “I am a princess and this is my moment” kind of way.  I mean it in a “God will never stop inviting and calling and drawing me into God’s will, God’s way, God’s vision for the world” kind of way.

God never gives up.  Not on any of us, and not on any part of God’s creation.

And if those words alone aren’t enough to get you going today, listen to the song that has been running through my head the whole time I’ve been writing this post.  Because like God, astronauts never give up.

What unexpected inspiration are you finding these days?



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7 responses to “Never Give Up

  1. I love those little quips. They seem lightweight but they stick in the head and make you think.


  2. Rae

    There is a church in Delano that I drive by everyday that has quirky posts, but that has to be my favorite one that I’ve heard so far. So fitting and incredibly true!


  3. Love how you play with and turn theological infomercials on their head. Your car should have a bumper sticker that says: Thinkers Welcome! – Thanks, Renee


    • Thank YOU, Renee! I don’t know if the goal of the Nazarene church sign makers is to make me think and play around with their messages, but if it is–they are totally succeeding!


      • But I like how you leave it open to your interpretation while still being respectful of their provocations, which may not be as open minded… Well done! -Renee


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