Never Had I Ever: Watched Bambi as a Mother in Minnesota

Deer Which Are the Symbol of Schell's Beer Are Seen in a Deer Park Adjacent to the Brewery, Germans Like Their Beer and Their Descendants in This Town Are No Exception...

So, how’s that for a mouthful of a post title?

When I asked Mike what movies he would like to watch with Zoe, the first one he mentioned was Bambi.  (The second was Babe.  Anyone see a theme here?)  I had reservations, but when I found a VHS copy for twenty-five cents at a garage sale on Thursday, I picked it up.  We started it Friday night and finished it Saturday morning.

The verdict: Zoe loved it, and I managed to cry without her noticing.  (Pro Tip: Do not ask me to cry surreptitiously while watching Dumbo, however. That is not happening.)

And here’s the thing.  I was crying for Bambi, of course, because it is terrible to lose your mother when you’re a child (especially when your father is no prince, even if he is the Great Prince of the Forest or whatever).  But this time around, I was mostly crying for Bambi’s mom, because she will miss taking care of and taking joy in her baby.

Don't kill our wild life (LOC)

And here’s the other thing.  Have you ever noticed that the tragic “Where’s Bambi’s Mother?” scene happens in early spring?  I noticed this for the first time, and I was shocked.  “Who the heck is hunting out of season?” I shouted (in my mind, because Zoe got the idea that the other doe in the movie is Bambi’s mother, and who am I to argue with that?).

You may say that in the timeless world of Bambi’s forest, there is no such thing as hunting season.  I thought about that.  But then I remembered that even Pa Ingalls didn’t hunt deer in the spring, because he knew better than to shoot mothers whose young still needed them.

Of course, in a movie where owls, skunks, rabbits, and deer talk and make jokes and get twitterpated, maybe that level of realism is too much to ask for.

In which case, only one question lingers in my mind: What do you mean, Flower the skunk is a boy?

What childhood movies have you loved (or hated) watching as an adult?  



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6 responses to “Never Had I Ever: Watched Bambi as a Mother in Minnesota

  1. averagechildhood

    I always thought Flower was a girl too! I was surprised by a lot of movies I loved as a kid (Oliver and company!) have not quite stood the test of time!


    • I know, it’s really startling! I loved Oliver and Company, but I can’t say I’m surprised it hasn’t held up over the years. I’ve been surprised by how dark and scary and sad some of these Disney movies are, though!


  2. purpleowltree1234

    Flower’s a boy? Really? I didn’t know that! Thumper was always my favourite anyway, and yes, I know he’s a boy.
    I pretty much grew up without tv. The first movie I watched in a cinema was Benji, though I barely remember it. The first movie I watched in a cinema without my parents was in grade five, ET. I was so out of the loop of things cinematic and tvish.
    And I’ve gone back that way now as a 38 yr old. No tv in my house. There just isn’t one. Not even in my garage. I feel more peaceful without tv. I prefer the white noise of a fan going 24/7, even through winter. 🙂 Having grown up in the Philippines, I can see how this is comfortingly familiar. 23 years after moving back to Australia. 🙂 My mom has a big tv which my daughter can watch DVDs on, and Kiki’s dad has a big tv too, and plenty of DVDs for Kiki to enjoy, though Kiki doesn’t watch a lot of tv.
    Do you know the rabbit Miffy which is in kids’ books and tv shows? Miffy is a boy, by the way. Kiki loves Miffy stories (she’s got millions of books).
    I’m really enjoying your Blog. 🙂
    Love from Rach.


    • Yeah! You can’t tell until spring, when the three of them have their teenager voices. It’s very disconcerting. You are probably better off without a TV in the house–it does sound peaceful! We try to limit Zoe’s viewing, and since we don’t have cable or TV reception, there’s no flipping channels for us, either. We are pretty intentional about our viewing, which is all Hulu, Netflix instant, downloaded stuff, or DVDs. Not to say everything we watch is of the finest quality, but it’s all stuff we want to watch at least! We do not know Miffy, but we’ll have to check him out!

      Thanks so much, Rach, and thanks for reading!


  3. This brought me back, way back. Bambi was Sam’s first movie theater movie once he could watch by himself (he saw Ferris Bueller’s Day off when he was one week old). Disney had just rereleased it for theaters, not video.Guess this was probably 1988 or 9 or so?
    He, and we, cried and cried.


    • Awww! Bambi was my first movie theater movie, too, in 1983 or 84. I famously repeated my question, “Where’s Bambi’s mother?” over and over. Zoe wondered the same thing, of course. Luckily, she was transfixed by the movie and missed my tears.


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