A Welcome Interruption

I do try to post every day.  But sometimes I can’t, because of things like this:

Old MacDonald’s farm was full of ghosts last night. Whooo!

Susan and Judy, two of our dearest Milwaukee friends, stopped by for a visit after Susan’s ten year college reunion.  Since we met the summer after graduation, that means that we have been friends for nearly ten years now.  Holy  buckets, that was quick.

It was so wonderful to spend an evening and morning with these two.  Zoe was in heaven, wanting to spend every second with “Snoozy and Judy”.  (I omit the parts of the morning that included tantrums.  She didn’t want to spend time with anybody during those, and the feeling was absolutely mutual.)

Sitting on the couch Sunday night, we realized that we hadn’t seen each other since September.  Susan and I were stunned: it felt like we had seen each other much more recently.  That’s the great thing about old friends–months and years pass between visits, but you pick right up where you left off.

Thanks for visiting Litchfield, sleeping on our futon, and smiling fondly at our cranky daughter,  Snoozy and Judy!  We miss you already!

Why, yes, this IS the best photo of all four of us.


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11 responses to “A Welcome Interruption

  1. purpleowltree1234

    Old friends are Wonderful!! 😀 I’m so happy you guys had time together. Your daughter looks entranced by them. 🙂 Cherish your times together with friends. It’s a main part of what makes the wonderfulness in life.


  2. I love everything about this post. Snoozy! Thanks for sharing, Maggie.


  3. Claire

    love that adoring look on zoe’s face in that last picture!! so fun!!


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