Banjos, Canoes, and You

“How did we first learn about the Okee Dokee Brothers?” I asked Mike last night.

We considered for a moment.  Then Mike said:

“You read about them in the newspaper.”

Sure enough, two summers ago I read all about Joe and Justin in the Star Tribune.  We saw them at the Minnesota State Fair with fourteen-month-old Zoe, who loved bopping along to their music.  We bought two of their CDs.  And today, we get to see them at, of all places, the Kimball Public Library!

Zoe at her first Okee Dokee Brothers show.

I am always on the lookout  for music that’s fun for the whole family, and the Okee Dokee Brothers absolutely fit the bill.  (Although, I’m pretty sure I like Americana Folk music quite a bit more than Mike does, but two out of three family members isn’t bad, right?)

We don’t have their latest CD,Can You Canoe? (Pro Tip: hint, hint), but we already know the title track is fabulous.  There’s even a music video:

Pretty great, huh?

And that, friends, is why everyone should read the newspaper.

What’s the best thing you’ve discovered by reading the paper?  Or, what’s your favorite family / children’s music group or song?


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