Simple Supper: Sesame Noodles

I met someone a month or two ago.

It’s getting pretty serious, so I think I’m ready to introduce you to my new love:

Sesame oil.

Sesame oil is one of those ingredients that, when I see it in a recipe, makes me think, “Well, forget it.  Sesame oil!  Too expensive, too exotic, too hard to find in Litchfield, Minnesota.”

But guess what, friends?  None of those things are true!  I mean, okay, it’s a little expensive, but after I bought it at the Natural Foods Co-Op in Litchfield, I spotted it right in the regular grocery store.  Who knew?

I bought it for that carrot and broccoli salad I served to my book club a while back.  Then, I splashed a little bit on my ramen noodles at lunchtime (don’t judge). And then, I found this recipe in the Pioneer Woman cookbook I got from the library: simple sesame noodles.

Mrs. Nixon meeting with Big Bird from Sesame Street in the White House, 12/20/1970

This is one of two public domain photos on Flickr when you search for “Sesame”. It has nothing to do with sesame noodles, but you must admit it’s pretty fabulous.

Since I already had every ingredient except the rice vinegar (another ingredient that, it turns out, I can absolutely buy at my little grocery store) and the hot chili oil (for which I substituted my best hot sauce, to no ill effect), I made these lovelies Tuesday night.

Oh, my friends.  They truly are so, so easy, and so, so tasty.  I enjoyed them piping hot for supper and delightfully cold for lunch.  I will make them again.  Soon.  Next time, I think I will do a whole pound of pasta, since it was a little too saucy / oily for our taste.  And maybe I will make some tofu to go with it.  Otherwise: perfect.  Zoe even ate some, which is something of a miracle in these days of hot dogs and mac and cheese and pizza and toast.

Blogging bonus: checking out the Pioneer Woman website to see if it had this recipe led me to discover several other simple, presumably delicious menu options for next week!

Sometimes, it’s the little things.

What small or large pleasures are lighting up your week?



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9 responses to “Simple Supper: Sesame Noodles

  1. Excellent, easy recipe…it would make a fine cold side dish for summer.


  2. Love this reminder! I’m Asian, so like, it’s second nature for me to drizzle sesame oil onto everything, but this definitely is a great tip on going back to my roots. Plus sesame oil is good for you too, I believe. Lovely post!



  3. I love the Pioneer Woman website! Every recipe of hers that I have tried has been yummy!


  4. Kristin

    It would also be tasty with edamame on top! (If such an item is available in Litchfield. 🙂 )


  5. Kristin

    oh, and my small pleasure this week is dreaming about making pie during my time off next week!


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  7. Hot chili oil is not the same as hot sauce, not at all. It is added by drops. I wonder if it can be made like any other flavored oil. Think I’ll either experiment or google. Just a thought.


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