Young, Hip, and Very Rich

[Portrait of Harry Gibson, Diamond studio, New York, N.Y.(?), ca. Apr. 1947] (LOC)

It’s Vacation Bible School week!  If I believed in the use of multiple exclamation points at the end of one sentence, I would totally employ them here, because I love, love, love VBS!  (And, apparently, I do believe in the use of one word, multiple times.)

So many adults and teenagers work hard to put on an amazing VBS at First Lutheran.  All I have to do is be a part of the skit each night, and then wander around marveling at how wonderful everything is.  (This year Zoe gets to participate, so I may also spend some time sending her back to her group.)

[Portrait of Toots Thielemans, Adele Girard, and Joe Marsala, Onyx, New York, N.Y., ca. 1948] (LOC)

In previous years, I’ve been a professor with a funny grey beard and a surfer with . . . well, I said “dude” a lot and the kids seemed to like it.  This year, I am Kyle Bankhead: young, hip, and very rich, and the founder of FaceTube (ProTip: Not a real thing).

The helpful cartoon drawing of Kyle features a young man (already I am not cutting it) wearing skinny jeans, sneakers, a blazer, a scarf, and what I can only describe as a “hipster hat”.

So: what do you think a female version of Kyle (who does not own skinny jeans) ought to wear?  Many of you have already given me some helpful tips on Facebook, for which I thank you.  I now invite all my Internet friends to play along at home!

Submit your hip / hipster dressing tips now!

If only Zoe’s hipster Buzz Lightyear hat would fit me.


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2 responses to “Young, Hip, and Very Rich

  1. Me? I’m clueless. :/


  2. Susan Latzke

    Hey Zoe , you really are rockin that hat !! Keep up the fashion tips there great ! Maggie find a plaid pair of pants to wear with that jacket that would look hip ! check out the thrift store for a hat too . Have Fun.


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