And Now I Have a Hat for Silly Hat Day, Too!

Hey there, Internet friends.  It’s been a crazy few days around here.

Friday and Saturday: the Southwestern Minnesota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America gathered for its 25th annual synod assembly.  I thought that would be more intelligible if I spelled out the acronyms, but it appears this was not the case.  Basically, a bunch of Lutherans got together for a big meeting.  I’ll tell you all about it soon.

Sunday: Worship.  Nap. Two episodes of Mad Men.  But not the season finale, so let’s not discuss it!

Monday: Pastoral visits with Zoe. Worship planning. Litchfield Library. First night of Vacation Bible School out at First, where Zoe had a blast and I debuted my “young, hip, and very rich” look for the skit.  Here’s how it turned out:

Pardon my awkward pose.  And expression.  And the fact that I can’t give you a full profile shot tonight because there is no good spot to stand in our house.  Luckily, I’ll be wearing this outfit every night for the rest of the week, so I should have a few more chances to get a good photo.


Here’s how the outfit came together: A cute dress, scarf, and cardigan from my closet. A pair of shoes that are Toms-esque, but actually Target brand. A men’s hat, also from Target, selected by my fab friend B, who took me on the finest shopping date I have been on in ages.  (Shopping without a screaming kid and with a fun friend?  Truly luxurious, dear people.)

So, that’s the new news in Litchfield.  What’s keeping you busy these days?



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10 responses to “And Now I Have a Hat for Silly Hat Day, Too!

  1. Joy Alsop

    Cute shoes! Are they comfy?


    • They are very comfy, but they have pretty much zero support (it feels like not wearing shoes)–my feet were tired after wearing them yesterday, but not as bad today. Target has a bunch of cute similar shoes right now in bright colors and stripes, but these were the only ones that didn’t pinch me. So, you should totally take yourself to Target and try on shoes.


  2. purpleowltree1234

    I’m in hospital again (day 4). Good news is it’s my first stay in a private hospital and the staff are 100% nicer and more compassionate than 95% of the public hospital staff I’ve had in the past. What a huge difference it makes to have staff who like their jobs, care about other people, and are reasonable!
    I’ve been doing lots of pen and ink art, and playing the piano.


    • Well, if you have to be in (the) hospital, staying at a pleasant one certainly helps! It sounds like you are doing healthy, artistic things while you’re there, too! Blessings to you, Rach.


  3. Great job! How very hipster.


  4. Liz L.

    Love it! I think you captured all of our suggestions expertly.


  5. Katie Streit

    Perfect! You have a knack for costumes 🙂


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