Wednesday Dance Break: Call Me Maybe

By the time a pop music sensation makes it to the NPR-interview stage of fame, it’s already pretty much old news.

So, I assume you alert readers have heard the hot song of summer 2012, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”.  But there’s just a ghost of a chance that you haven’t heard her sing it with Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and instruments from a children’s music classroom:

I have to say: I think this is adorable.  And isn’t it true–whether you’re talking about a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, child or best friend or even beloved pet–that before that darling came into your life, you missed her so bad?  (Pro Tip: You know you did.  So, so bad.)

What other songs would you like to hear on the xylophone, triangle, and kazoo? 

Newmarket Railway Kazoo Band, 1915

Did you know that “kazoo band” was a thing in 1915? And that this is the one and only public use image for “kazoo” on Flickr? Well, you do now.



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2 responses to “Wednesday Dance Break: Call Me Maybe

  1. Susan

    Thanks for making me smile tonight, Maggie. If I’m ever up late at night I do like to tune in to Mr. Jimmy Fallon. I like him tons more than any other late night host.

    And, fun fact, Milwaukee had a kazoo band for 34 years and it JUST disbanded:


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