The Fabric of Our Lives

Friends, it’s been a long week, and I am really tired.

How about a picture of Zoe today?

My favorite thing about this photo–besides Zoe herself, of course–is that Zoe is wrapped up in the quilt my mother bought when she was pregnant with me.

I searched my mind for specific warm and fuzzy memories of this quilt (Pro Tip: See what I did there?), but it turns out the quilt is just always there in the background: on my parents’ bed, on my bed, on the guest bed, on blanket forts and indoor picnics and sick beds on the couch.

I love this quilt, and in its worn and gentle way it loves me, too.

What inanimate objects are speaking to you today?  


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One response to “The Fabric of Our Lives

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    I love my pillow. I took it from my Mother’s house years ago and I take it everywhere with me. I once had to drive 50 miles back to a motel to retrieve it. It was still there. It is usually just part of all the pillows on my bed, except when I travel. Then it is center stage.


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