Pre-parenthood pair.

When we’re children, we assume that everyone else has a family just like our family.

When we get older, of course, we realize this isn’t true.  Even as an adult, the reality of this smacks me in the face from time to time.

For example, in a small group exercise during seminary, I talked about my dad.  He put me to bed most nights, singing “Hush Little Baby” and praying the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary (Pro Tip: Did you know I grew up Catholic?).  He and my mom woke me up together most mornings, singing a variation of “Good morning, good morning!” from Singing in the Rain.  (Pro Tip: This explains a lot about the Lux family, and I  mean that in the very best way.)

Our seminary chapel director looked at me with wonder and said, “Oh! I wish I’d had a father who prayed and sang with me every night.”

I really lucked out that way.  Thanks to my dad, our house was filled with music from the radio, the record player, or his guitar.

Thanks to my dad, we carved pumpkins, dyed Easter eggs, and played a wonderfully nerdy card game called Great Women.

Thanks to my dad, we ate the most delicious pancakes in the state of Illinois and possibly the entire world.

Thanks to my dad, we knew that win or lose, star or understudy, we were still the sweetest little babies in town.  We knew it was okay to laugh and okay to cry.

My dad is also an excellent grandpa.

Thanks to you, Dad, for teaching me to love language (in great theatre and on the comics page); to be curious about people, places, and things; to recognize a great future husband and father when I met him.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, to Zoe’s dad, and all the other wonderful dads receiving ties and eating eggs today!

Video Bonus: These are not the correct words (according to my childhood and Zoe’s), but since it’s Bobby McFerrin and Yo Yo Ma, I guess we’ll let it slide.



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9 responses to “Papa!

  1. Claire

    love this. love our papa!


  2. Jenny Olsztynski

    What a beautiful tribute to your Dad! I have a great photo of your Dad holding you and Katy on his lap and reading the two of you bedtime stories on one of our vacations. I could use some of his pancakes right now. I miss my Dad but I feel his presence daily. Thank God for great Dads!


  3. Oakes Theresa

    I remember the pancakes and the Great Women card game! Yes – your Papa is the bestest. Love, love, love!!


  4. 🙂 This is one of my favorites. 🙂


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